Motorcycle Touring Seats

Your Guide to the Features and Benefits of Wild Ass Motorcycle Touring Seats

There’s nothing like the feeling of riding a motorcycle with the wind in your hair!  The joys of riding a motorcycle aren’t a secret.  A survey from 2018 found that about 13,158,100 Americans own motorcycles.

You would love to keep riding today, but you notice that your butt has gone numb and your back has started aching.  You need to take a break and walk around for a minute.

While you get the blood flowing back to your rear end, why not look for an upgrade to that stiff old motorcycle seat you’ve been cruising around on.  Keep reading to learn all the benefits of Wild Ass motorcycle touring seats.

What Makes Wild Ass Touring Seats Different? 

Studies show that the average American rides a touring motorcycle between 5000-6000 miles a year!  You don’t want to end up with a numb butt when you’re out on the road.  Upgrading your motorcycle seat can save your tush if you enjoy long bike rides.

That’s why we made the Wild Ass motorcycle cushions!  We wanted to make the most comfortable touring bike seats to keep your butt comfortable for the whole ride.

The wide seat shape of the Smart spreads your weight across the whole area and reduces any pressure points.  The space between the motorcycle and your butt gets cushioned with air that transfers from pocket to pocket to keep blood flow moving and acts as a shock absorber for your bum.

We even cut out sections at the front and back of the seat cushion to prevent painful contact with your tailbone or scrotum.  After all, you have to protect the family jewels!

Smart – Lite Motorcycle Cushion

The most inexpensive Wild Ass motorcycle seat is the Smart-Lite Motorcycle Cushion.  We made this style seat with lightweight polyurethane that will make you feel like you’re riding on air!

The Smart-Lite seat cushion reduces those painful pressure points in your bum and legs while promoting proper circulation to prevent numbness.  The space between the air pockets reduces heat and moisture from building up and making you feel like you have a swamp in your pants.

This is the best option for the budget-conscious occasional motorcycle rider.  Reviewers agree that the Smart-lite seat cushion does the job better than any other inexpensive motorcycle seat on the market. 

Smart – Air Gel Motorcycle Cushion

If you ride often and enjoy longer rides than your average weekend warrior, you’ll need something made for both comfort and durability.  We made the Smart-Air Gel seat with three layers of polyurethane to make it much more durable than the Wild Ass Smart-Lite model.

The Smart-Air Gel seats have gel pads in each of the individual air cells to give extra cushioning and engine vibration dampening.  You can also use the Air Gel seat cushion without air in the cells for when you want to feel connected to the bike but you also need some extra cushioning.

Smart – Classic Motorcycle Cushion

For the long-distance ride or die motorcyclist, you need a super durable seat that keeps your tush comfy the whole way.  We made the Smart- Classic seat cushion with high-quality medical-grade neoprene rubber and gives you the ultimate comfortable ride experience.

The Smart-Classic motorcycle seat cushion has top-notch pressure point reduction, blood flow promotion and it reduces a majority of shock and vibration when the road gets rough.  Smart-Classic seat cushions are a top-tier product intended for the frequent long-distance motorcycle enthusiasts who only want the best quality of motorcycle seat that money can buy.

Tips and Tricks for the Wild Ass Motorcycle Touring Seats

Every great rider has a few tips and tricks for their favorite products.  These are our favorite tips and tricks for the Wild Ass seat cushions.

When you go to install the seat cushion, slide both of the straps under the seat (or take the seat off and wrap the straps around) and through the four openings in the seat cover.  Make sure the straps sit under the bladder of your seat to ensure a secure fit.

As for the amount of air to put into your seat cushion, that’s up to you!  Everyone likes their seat at a unique level of firmness, but we recommend filling the air cells halfway at first and removing air if you want it less firm or add a little more if you need it more firm.  If you over-inflate the seat, you could feel hard points jabbing you or like you’re about to slide off of the seat.

Check out this page for more FAQs about the Wild Ass motorcycle seat cushions.

It’s Not About the Destination, It’s About the Ride

Now that you can feel your bum again, time to hop back on your hog and head home.  Next time, make sure your seat cushion is as comfortable as possible so you can enjoy your ride even more!

Whichever style you choose, the Wild Ass motorcycle seat cushions make you feel like you’re sitting on a cloud because of the air cells.  If you get the Smart Air Gel or Smart Classic upgraded models, the comfort only increases!

No one likes their tush to tingle like an electric seat, so what do you have to lose?  Don’t let a stiff seat ruin your ride!

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and that you learned a few things about motorcycle touring seats.  If you’re looking to get a Wild Ass seat cushion for your motorcycle, find a retailer near you today!