Will it fit my Kirkey seat??

Here is a video that we did at the Tucker Show where we asked the Facebook viewers for their questions, and this was a good one!  We always promote our seats as cushions you can use anywhere you sit, but never thought we would get this question!  I love the difficult ones and would like to thank Keith Hall for this one!

We ended up going out to the Ice races to see this one for ourselves!  You’ll see those videos shortly!

“All right we’re back in Frisco at theTucker Rocky Bikers Choice Brand andDealer Expo!   

Question yesterday I got wasfrom Keith Hall asking about his Kirkey seat!  “Will a Wild Ass Cushion fit on a Kirkey seat?”  Initially my answer was yes because we can go on any type of seat that you want to sit on!  I didn’t really know what a Kirkey  seat was.   Now guess what, I do!  It’s a race car seat!  So Keith, here’s all you need to do. 

Grab a tape measure of any size.  Grab the cushion, actually grab your seat!  Measure across the seat in your seating area.  Now I notice on your Kirkey seat there’s a little divot in the front where maybe you’re racing strap comes through.  So go width, and front to back of your actual seating area, and yes we can make that work!  So on the Kirkey seat I believe that the Smart cushion will be the cushion for you.  Make sure you measure your seat.  Check it, out the smart, you’re going to want to be right in that 14 inch width area, and then to the front of your little ball grabber we’ll call it, 11 inches deep.  So that’s our Smartcushion. 

We measure cushions the same way for everything.  If you’re gonna be on that new, let’s say you bought that new KTM motorcycle that you’re gonna go adventuring on.  Their new 1290, measure the seat itself.  Again just a little over 10 inches wide, just a little over 11 inches long.  That’ll fit all your adventure seats.  If the seats aren’t that wide, go to Wild-Ass.com, and look for measurements.  We can outfit you. 

Any seat you want to sit on.  Whether it’s at the bleachers, you’re at the racetrack, on your motorcycle, or in your Kirkey seat in your ice race car in central Minnesota. We can take care of you!

Craig from Wild Ass!

From Frisco, Texas. Thank you!”