#WildAssWednesday 1

Back in April off 2018, we began the hashtag of #wildasswednesday and now it’s a thing!  Here is the first of the Wild Ass Wednesday Videos!  Believe it or not, this was done in one take with no rehearsal run throughs.  We can see the need for doing those now!

“Welcome to Wild Ass Wednesday! It’s April 4th! 

We are at the home shop in Brainerd,Minnesota!   So, you’re gonna see that we’ve got snow shovels on the wall because it’s still winter here!  We got about another three inches of snow over the last few days so, we’re working in the shop in Brainerd, We’re getting ready to go on a trip.  

This is episode number one of Wild Ass Wednesday.  Welcome! We’re gonna try to use this every Wednesday morning so you guys get to know us at wild-ass!  You can ask us questions.  You can comment on these videos.  Hopefully you’re sharing them out so everybody gets to know us and wants to come along for the ride as we do #WildAssWednesday!  Make sure you share that with everybody! 

So I am Craig, I am the American guy for Wild Ass.  Scott, my partner over in Italy is probably seeing this for the first time because we’re about seven hours time difference so he doesn’t get to see it live.  Anyways so we’re here at the shop and want to just give you a quick rundown on what we are.  Wild Ass Motorcycle Air Cushions.  We make your ride very comfortable.  We get rid of those two pressure points.  It’s medical technology that has been around for I think 43 years so…  We brought it to the fun side of the world of motorcycles for you to enjoy.  

So here at Wild Ass we like to keep things very simple so we’ll go through and we’ll look at the brochure with you.  Very quickly we have three different shapes.  We have the smart, the sport, and the pillion that we use to fit about 95% of the motorcycles out there.  We can fit you up, make sure you are comfortable on whatever you’re riding.  We have three different materials.  At some point in one of the future videos we will go through the materials.  We have the Classic, which is a neoprene rubber.  The aAirGel, we’re the only company in the world doing this for motorcycle seats.  We float gel on top of air for something unlike anything you’ve ever felt.  Polyurethane is our entry-level line we call that the Lite. We have three different materials, three price points, three shapes, to fit whatever motorcycle you need. 

If you happen to ride a Harley, we happen to have one in the shop here.  I can show you exactly how this thing sits on the seat.  We give you two straps that go through the cover, which we can get into all this later.  We can actually mount one to the seat.  So this happens to be the smart.  This Harley Road King has an aftermarket seat that is quite a bit bigger than the stock seat, so you’d use the same shape front and rear.  So he’s also got the optional backrest for the seat, which sits right in the little curve of the front of the smart cushion.

So that’s it in a nutshell!  That’s what we do!  We’re Wild Ass!  This is #WildAssWednesday, episode number one.  It’s April 4th.  Give us some ideas, comment, let us know what you want to see, what you want to hear about. Next week we’re gonna be traveling to Phoenix for Arizona Bike Week.  We’ll be at Scottsdale Harley-Davidson in the parking lot.

Be sure you stop by and let us know you saw this video.  We have something extra for you!  We’ll see you next week!

I am Craig!


Thank you for watching!