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If you own a motorcycle, you probably love going on long bike rides from time to time. There is nothing quite like hitting the open road on a motorcycle and seeing where things take you.

But do you know what you definitely don’t love? Your backside falling asleep halfway through your trip and making the rest of it uncomfortable. It can really put a damper on your day.

To avoid this, you should invest in the best seat pad for longer rides. Wild Ass specializes in making motorcycle seats that are specifically designed for those who like to take long trips on their bikes.

See what makes a seat pad like this Smart – Classic Motorcycle Cushion the best seat pad for longer rides on your motorcycle below.

It’s Large

The first thing you’re going to notice about this particular seat pad from Wild Ass is that it’s on the larger side. It comes in at 15.5″ x 14″ (39.5 cm x 36 cm).

Because this seat pad is so big, you won’t have to worry about your backside not fitting on it. No matter what shape or size you might be, you’re going to get swallowed up by this seat pad, which is a huge part of the reason why it’s the best seat pad for longer rides on a motorcycle.

Motorcycle seats like this one will distribute your weight evenly and prevent you from feeling any discomfort at all as you ride your motorcycle.

It’s Made With Medical-Grade Materials

This seat pad from Wild Ass obviously isn’t the only big seat pad on the market today. There are others that are also right around this same size.

But this seat pad is made using medical-grade materials in the same factory where wheelchairs are manufactured. It contains neoprene rubber that makes it elastic and gives it a very natural feel.

As a result, the seat pad isn’t like all the other oversized motorcycle pads in existence. It’s going to hug you in all the right places and keep you comfy at all times.

It’s Good for Your Health

Since this seat pad is manufactured alongside wheelchairs, it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise to hear that it’s going to be good for your health. It’s yet another reason why it’s the best seat pad for longer rides.

The Classic Motorcycle Cushion from Wild Ass will:

  • Stop your motorcycle seat from pushing on the painful pressure points situated near your backside
  • Increase the blood flow throughout your legs and the rest of your body
  • Eliminate a lot of the vibrations you would usually feel in your backside

You won’t just feel better when you’re sitting on this seat pad and riding around on your motorcycle. You’ll also feel better when you jump off your bike because of the seat pad.

Buy the Best Seat Pad for Longer Rides From Wild Ass

The Classic Motorcycle Cushion is the best seat pad for longer rides. But it isn’t the only seat pad for long bike rides.

Wild Ass also has a large selection of other motorcycle pads that might be right for you. Check out our selection to see which seat pad would be your best bet.

Shop for the Motorcycle Seats That Will Suit You

Investing in some quality motorcycle seats will give you a comfortable and safe ride. The tips above will help you when you’re shopping for the perfect seat. 

When you’d like to buy whichever seat is best for your needs, Wild Ass ergonomic cushions might be your best bet. We’d love to show you more about the many products we offer. 

Shop our store for some of the most comfortable seats on the market, and give us a call at (218) 851-2771 if you have questions.