With sales drastically increasing in the motorcycle industry, you’re bound to see more bikes on the road. If you’re looking to join the craze and take a ride, you should first make sure your bike is comfortable!

Investing in a bike seat cushion can be a great investment in the comfort level of your bike. Looking for the best one on the market? Keep reading!

How a Bike Seat Cushion Works

Wild Ass Seat Pads are crafted to provide optimal comfort, especially on long drives. This is all thanks to the wide, low-profile structure and cushion. We offer multiple different styles, which we will go into later, but let’s break down exactly what makes our motorcycle seat cushions different from the rest:

Air Cells

The design of our air gel seat cushions is made up of multiple small cells. These air cells are padded with cushioning that absorbs shock while providing added comfort. According to this study, lower vibrations in the seat make for a more comfortable ride. 

These air cells are spaced out, allowing channels for heat and moisture to move through the bike. This keeps the butt cushion cool and dry, even on hot drive. Additionally, the seat can be used without air if the rider wants to feel closer to the bike.

Tapered Front and Back

Unlike many flat motorcycle seats, the Wild Ass Seat Pads have tapered front and back air cells. This design improves leg passage and relieves pressure from the scrotum and tailbone. 


The center of the seat is hollow in between the air pads. This is essential for relieving pressure on the scrotum, prostate, and tailbone.

On the front and back sides of the seat, there are small concave cutouts. The front cutout improves the fit of the seat to the saddle and reduces contact on the scrotum. The back cutout reduces contact with the tailbone.

These intentional gaps on the bike seat cushion help reduce contact on pressure points and make the ride more enjoyable.

Our Different Motorcycle Seat Pads

The position you choose to sit in on your bike is key to riding comfortably. If you need help figuring out the most ergonomic way to sit on your bike, check out our guide.

Wild Ass Seat Pads offers four different styles of motorcycle gel seats: the Smart, the Saddle, the Sport, and the Pillion. Each style’s unique design allows for customization according to your specific vehicle and body type.

The motorcycle gel seat you choose should provide you the most ergonomic position, which looks like this:

Sit in a position that keeps your hips and knees at a 90-degree angle. Keep your spine in a neutral position and your hands at your side. When your hands are on the handlebars, your elbows should also be at a 90-degree angle with your wrists neutral.

Wild Ass Seat Pads also offer motorcycle seat covers that look sleek and are machine washable for easy cleaning.

Don’t Sacrifice Your Comfort

The key to enjoying your motorcycle ride is being comfortable on your bike. Our bike seat cushion is an easy way to step up the comfort level, so why not try it out? Browse our different models and find out which seat is best for you.

Shop for the Motorcycle Seats That Will Suit You

Investing in some quality motorcycle seats will give you a comfortable and safe ride. The tips above will help you when you’re shopping for the perfect seat. 

When you’d like to buy whichever seat is best for your needs, Wild Ass ergonomic cushions might be your best bet. We’d love to show you more about the many products we offer. 

Shop our store for some of the most comfortable seats on the market, and give us a call at (218) 851-2771 if you have questions.