Wild Ass Heads to Sturgis

This Morning’s post is actually the video posted July 25, 2018. I was getting a little better with the editing program, but still could use a little work. This is just a little documentation of the travels from Brainerd, MN to Rapid City. We made one stop along the way to see our friends at Klock Werks in Mitchell, SD. If you are ever in that area, they are a great group and as a motorcycle guy, I would say this is a place worth stopping!

“Okay! I think we’re all loaded up! Just gonna show you what we’ve got going on. Going to spend Wild Ass Wednesday driving to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

Lets take a look inside the creaky old van!  We got everything loaded up.  All kinds of product.  Everything we’re going to need for this weekend.  If you want to stop by, or this weekend, I should say a couple weeks!  We’ll be in the Rapid City area.  Black Hills Harley, we’re going to be there this weekend for the Pre Rally Rollout.  And then next, following two weekends we will be in Sturgis at J&P Cycles on Lazelle.  So stop by and check us out.  I’ve got to show you the best part of Sturgis.

Unfortunately because we have to haul all of our stuff, we have the bikes in the trailer.  You can see, kind of see two of them back there.  So, loaded up!  Ready for Sturgis!  This is going to be a good time!  We’ll see you guys on Wild Ass Wednesday!

All right!  About 27 minutes late, but we’re getting rolling!  Wild Ass Wednesday, we are headed to Rapid City, South Dakota for the Black Hills, Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2018.  So I just want to shoot you a little video here before we take off!  Trying to get my dome light figured out so you can take a look inside the back of the van.  Maybe if I just open the door?  Then the lights still don’t come on.  There we go!  So, we’re loaded up ready to go!  Headed to Rapid City, South Dakota.  We might just stop by and see some friends in Mitchell, South Dakota. If we do, you’ll see us there!

So, we’re on our way to Rapid City!  Black Hills Harley-Davidson, where we’ll be set up tomorrow.  On the way from Brainerd, Minnesota, the home shop.  We are now stopping in Mitchell, South Dakota for a special delivery of a little bit of a special beer coming out of Brainerd, Minnesota.  Jack Pine Brewery, stopping to drop it off at our friends here at Klock Werks in Mitchell.

So, we’ll see you guys this weekend at the Black Hills Harley-Davidson dealership just off of exit 55 in Rapid City, South Dakota.

Happy Wild Ass Wednesday!”