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Mounting your motorcycle and hitting the open road is about more than just looking cool — it’s also about comfort.

Whether you’re planning a cross-country trip or taking a joy ride, the best motorcycle seat pad promotes both safety and comfort.

Stock motorcycle seats are often hard and don’t offer the support riders need. Back pain and discomfort can cause unwanted distractions on the road.

Keep reading for tips on finding the best motorcycle seat pad for your next adventure. Your back, neck, and bottom will thank you! 

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Motorcycle Seat Pad

Not all motorcycle seat pads are created equal. There are a variety of designs, materials, and features to consider before making a decision.

Type of Motorcycle

Different motorcycle models and brands have different shaped seats. You need to determine what size motorcycle pad you’ll need.

The most common models include:

  • Sports touring
  • Adventure touring
  • Cruiser
  • Standard
  • Harleys

Variations do exist within these categories so be sure to measure your seat to find the perfect fit. 


There are three common types of material used in most motorcycle seat pads — foam, gel, and air pocket.

Each material has its own benefits, though air pocket pads by Wild Ass® are by far the most comfortable and ergonomically friendly.

Foam pads are shock-absorbant and are designed to prevent numbness on longer rides. Gel pads are relatively new and are designed to mold to your body for a custom fit. 

Air pocket motorcycle pads allow you to adjust the firmness and height to fit your individual needs. Not only are they shock absorbant but they distribute your weight evenly for a supportive and comfortable ride. 


In life, bigger isn’t always better. This theory applies to finding the best motorcycle seat pad also.

Just because a cushion is thick doesn’t mean it offers the best support. The most important factor is how the seat pad is designed.

You want a cushion that evenly distributes pressure, eliminating painful pressure points on your tailbone, scrotum, and prostate.

A motorcycle pad should also taper from front to back to provide stability and improved leg passage. Be sure the cushion you choose allows for proper ventilation by dispersing heat and moisture as well.

Why Wild Ass®

When choosing the best motorcycle seat pad, look no further than Wild Ass®.

Designed by riders, for riders, Wild Ass® knows the importance of riding in comfort and how to create a cushion that delivers.

Unlike other motorcycle seat pads, Wild Ass® uses medical-grade, FDA-approved materials that are also used in the medical field. Wild Ass® is also the only company in the world to combine air and gel to provide a unique feel like nothing you’ve ever felt before.

With three lines to choose from — Lite, AirGel, and Classic — riders of all shapes, sizes, and experience levels can find a seat pad that fits their needs, motorcycle, and body. 

Ride in Comfort and Style

There’s nothing quite like a motorcycle ride on the open road to help you reflect, relax, and recharge.

While most riders want an experience they’ll never forget, they don’t want back, butt, and leg pain that reminds them of their most recent adventure.

Wild Ass® produces some of the best motorcycle seat pads on the market. And our experts are ready and waiting to help guide your purchase.

Click here to find a store near you or conveniently browse our online store.

Shop for the Motorcycle Seats That Will Suit You

Investing in some quality motorcycle seats will give you a comfortable and safe ride. The tips above will help you when you’re shopping for the perfect seat. 

When you’d like to buy whichever seat is best for your needs, Wild Ass ergonomic cushions might be your best bet. We’d love to show you more about the many products we offer. 

Shop our store for some of the most comfortable seats on the market, and give us a call at (218) 851-2771 if you have questions.