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Why Cushions Are So Important On Long Distance Motorcycle Rides

Can you believe that the world record for a long-distance ride in 24 hours belongs to Carl Reese?

He traveled a whopping 2,116.5 miles! If you’re thinking of going on long-distance rides, then it’s important to prepare yourself. It’s easy to forget about motorcycle cushions, for instance, but these can make or break your trip.

Are you wondering if they’re worth your greenbacks? Keep reading to learn why cushions are so important on long-distance motorcycle rides.

They’ll Increase Your Comfort

Simply put, there’s no need to remain stoic about riding long distances. The point is for you to enjoy the ride and bond with your friends when they accompany you. If you’re buns feel like they’ve been burnt because they’re so sore, you could end up thinking about going home the whole time.

The right motorcycle pads can prevent you from thinking about your buttocks throughout the trip. Instead, you can enjoy the breeze, the roar of the motor, and the wide-open spaces.

They Promote Back Health

Another crucial reason to get reliable motorcycle seats relates to back health. Some people don’t realize the toll that long distances can have on their backs. Sitting for long periods of time can not only cause severe damage to your back but can also affect other parts of your body, such as your neck, arms, and legs.

If you’re riding long distances, the right motorcycle cushion can encourage proper posture, absorb as much shock from the road as possible, and more. Chronic back pain could prevent you from riding a motorcycle at all in the future, so it’s best to prevent issues ahead of time instead of trying to adapt to them later on.

Simply put, your butt, back, and more will thank you for it.

Make Sure the Cushions Are High-Quality

It’s possible to end up with cushions that do more to wreck your butt and back than anything else. This is why it’s so important to do some research before you pull the trigger.

For instance, does the cushion provider take ergonomics into consideration? The cushion should be made from high-quality materials, such as medical-grade neoprene rubber or polyurethane and air gel.

It can also help to see what past customers have said about the seats online. This can give you a better idea of what to expect before you shell out so much as a dime.

Ready to Enjoy Long-Distance Motorcycle Rides?

Now that you’ve learned why cushions are so important on long-distance motorcycle rides, you can ensure that your tush and back are protected. Be sure to let your biker pals know how they can prepare for the epic trip you’ve been planning.

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