Texas Motor Speedway

What to Do At “Get On Moto Fest” at the Texas Motor Speedway

More Americans are riding motorcycles today than ever before- in fact, over 8% of American homes are currently loving their bike. Sharing your passion for motoring with others is a great way to learn more about this hobby and meet new friends with similar interests.

Get On! Moto Fest at the Texas Motor Speedway is a 3-day event spanning May 21, 22, and 23. It’s an inclusive event that brings together motorcycle enthusiasts of all ages, genders, and styles for fun activities related to riding. Read on to learn what some of these awesome attractions are and get a better idea of what you can do at Moto Fest.

Go to a How-To Workshop

There will be tons of how-to workshops at the “Get On! Moto Fest” this year. Beginning cyclists (including children) can take advantage of starter lessons with seasoned riders.

If you’ve been into motorcycling for a long time, there are also how-to events about performing new techniques while riding so you can up your game. You can also get maintenance tips from bike experts to make DIY renovations easier.

Check Out the Bike Shows

If you’re interested in seeing one-of-a-kind bikes, you definitely need to check out the AMD World Championship Custom Bike Show.

You’ll get the chance to see unique motorcycles designed by world-class experts. These will include high-end models that you probably otherwise wouldn’t get the chance to examine in person, so don’t skip out on this show.

Plan Your Next Motorcycling Adventures

You probably are wondering where you should trek on your cool motorcycle and comfy seat next. The Moto Adventure Planning Zone is made for people who want to get a head start on their next ride.

Experts will talk about some of the best places that you can take trips on your bike so that you get some ideas of what to do on your next adventure.

Watch Awesome Motorcycle Racing

This year at Moto Fest, you can get a ticket to see some American Flat Track Racing. To watch this race, you’ll need to buy a SuperTicket and attend the convention on May 22nd.

You’ll get a chance to see cyclists go as fast as they can around a track and you’ll see some try their cool tricks, so you definitely don’t want to miss out.

Test Rides

As you’d expect, there are lots of opportunities for enthusiasts to actually get on a bike at the “Get On! Moto Fest”. You can take a high-class and one-of-a-kind bike for memorable test rides.

You also will have the chance to log miles and complete riding challenges in the “Get On! Moto Fest” app. If you’re looking for an excuse to ride and ride and ride some more, this is it.

Get Ready for Moto Fest at the Texas Motor Speedway

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