what size motorcycle do i need

What Size Motorcycle Do I Need? A Quick Guide

When you envision yourself riding a motorcycle, do you picture a sports bike or one of the larger models? Bigger bikes give you a feeling of security, and it’s like you’re riding a real beast. There’s something empowering about it.

The only problem with a larger motorcycle is that it may not be the right fit for your frame. Things like your motorcycle cushion and other accessories will need to be the right size for your ride. You may also find that smaller bikes are much easier to maneuver and maintain.

Here’s your guide to the question, “What size motorcycle do I need?”

How to Identify a Good Fit

It’s important that you determine the right size bike before you invest in motorcycle seat pads or other accessories. Your seat height measurements will determine how far you sit off the ground.

Some signs of a poorly fitting motorcycle include the inability to sit with both feet flat on the ground or being left on the tip of your toes. You should be able to reach the controls with ease without stretching your arms or legs. Finally, sitting on the bike should feel comfortable.

Types of Motorcycles

The type of vehicle you purchase will have a significant effect on the motorcycle size.

For example, a cruiser generally has a pretty low seat height. After all, they “cruise” along the road and serve as a comfortable option for new riders. As a result, you can opt for a bigger seat cushion to compensate.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you have sportbikes, which are designed with the seat further off of the ground. This allows for more maneuverability, but it also means shorter riders will struggle to reach the ground.

Standard bikes are somewhere in the middle, which allows for more seating options. They aren’t too high or too low, which means they accommodate most riders.

What Size Motorcycle Do I Need?

When you’re picking out your first motorcycle, always try them out first. Take a seat on the bike and get a feel for it. Lean from side to side and check that all the controls are within reach.

If there’s a little wiggle room in terms of height, you can always adjust the seat or buy a new cushion. However, you can’t make an adjustment if the seat is as low as it can go and you still can’t reach the ground.

You may be able to use ergonomic simulators online that can help pick out a potential bike for your height and inseam measurements.

Find the Correct Motorcycle Size

What size motorcycle do I need? The answer to that question is whatever feels best as a rider. Your feet should never struggle to touch the ground or reach your controls, and maneuvering it should feel easy.

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