What Is the Perfect Motorcycle Seat

What Is the Perfect Motorcycle Seat?

Did you know that in 2018, there were 457,200 brand new motorcycles sold in the United States? 

With all of the new motorcycles that are bought and sold every year, many of us riders use our motorcycles for joyriding or for traveling to and from work.  While most of us are familiar with properly caring for our bikes, not many of our fellow riders are aware of the importance of a high-quality motorcycle seat.

But, what is the perfect motorcycle seat?  We’ve created this quick guide to answer that question for you.  Keep reading to learn more!


Many riders assume that the softer the cushion, the better it is for riding.  While a soft, cushy seat may feel nice at first, it won’t stay cushy forever.  After a few rides, you’ll likely find that the motorcycle seat pad will have bottomed out and you’ll be left with an uncomfortable cushion. 

A high-quality motorcycle cushion will use layers of polyurethane.  The polyurethane that’s located inside of the motorcycle seat will make it more durable than foam cushions.

You can also look for a different option, like our Wild Ass Air Gel motorcycle cushions that have gel pads inserted inside the air cells to provide you an extra level of cushioning.  This provides your motorcycle seat with extra cushioning.  Still, it will help to dampen the vibrations that come off your motorcycle and absorb shock that comes when you’re riding on uneven territory.

Think About Your Needs

When you’re shopping around for a new motorcycle seat, you need to take in mind your specific needs.  By answering the below-listed questions, you’ll get a better understanding of your needs and what you should be looking for in a new seat.  Some of the questions you should ask yourself include: 

  • Do you take long trips, or do you use your motorcycle for leisure riding?
  • How often do you have someone else riding on your motorcycle?
  • Can you place your feet on the ground without too much strain when you’re sitting on the seat that’s already on your bike?
  • Are you interested in investing in a custom seat for your show bike, or are you looking for a comfortable seat for you to ride around on?

Take time to think about these above-listed questions, as they will help you to identify the type of riding that you do.  This will allow you to narrow down your options when you’re looking to invest in a new seat for your bike.

What Is the Perfect Motorcycle Seat?

Investing in a new motorcycle seat will not only change the physical appearance of your motorcycle, but it will completely transform your riding experience. With all available options on the market, the most important thing for you to figure out is your riding goals.

Are you still wondering, “what is the perfect motorcycle seat?” If you’re unsure of which motorcycle seat from Wild Ass is the best option for you and your motorcycle, click here to find a location near you today to test out one of our seats!