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For the 4th week of #WildAssWednesday, we simply went through what you get in the Wild Ass box!  I used the Smart AirGel for this video because it is just a beautiful piece!

“Welcome to Wild Ass Wednesday episode number four! 

This week we’re just going to show you what is in the box.  Simply how they come when you go to your local retailer and buy a Wild Ass cushion.

So this week the cushion we’re using is theSmart AirGel.  As you remember from previous episodes, we have three different materials.  The Classic, the AirGel, and the Lite.  We are looking at the Smart AirGel.  So you get the box, simply a box of Wild Ass. Just what everybody wants! 

When you open the box, inside, here’s what you get. Inside the baggie, we’ve already installed the cushion in the cover. We’ll take that out of the baggie.  We’ll get that out of the way.  You get another little baggie inside.  Inside of here is the owner’s manual, straps to attach it to your seat, and if you look closely, those two orange pieces are peel and stick repair patches.  In the event of a puncture, we give you the patches to cover the hole.  Take it from there.  Also a Wild Ass decal for the beer fridge, or your toolbox, or wherever you want to put your extra stickers.  Inside the cover is the cushion.  Like I said this is the AirGel, the Smart AirGel.  So when you open this up, that’s what’s in your Wild Ass box. 

We get a lot of questions on the straps.  How do we use the straps?  In the cover, when you take the bladder out, inside the cover there’s actually a couple of holes in the lower seam.  The bottom of the material, the bottom of the cover sticks to your leather seat very well.  And I’ve taken and put another cushion together with the straps in it so you can see how this goes.  Simply goes through the cover, and around your seat with velcro elastic straps.  Very easy to do!  Just take your seat off, put those in there.  When you do put the straps inside the cover, make sure you put them underneath the cushion. 

Just like that!  Cushion goes on top of the straps in the cover.  Zip it up and enjoy your ride!  Just real easy!

That’s what’s in the box!

This has been episode four of Wild Ass Wednesday!”

Thank you for watching!


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