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The Top Low Seat Height Motorcycles for Angel City Spring Motorcycle Rally 2021

It’s riding season, and with only a couple of weeks until the Angel City Motorcycle Rally, it’s time to find your perfect ride! We have the ultimate list of low seat height motorcycles to get you riding in comfort and style this spring. So, if you are a shorter rider and you want to stand out against the other 12 million riders on the road this season, keep reading! 

Triumph Street Twin 

This ride has a seat that comes right to 29.9 inches off the ground. This height makes it easy for shorter riders to keep both feet flat on the ground when needed. With that being said, a customized seat cushion can make for a more comfortable ride on the Street Twin.

The 900cc Street Twin is lighter and sportier than previous models as well, with a 500-pound wet weight. That’s not all, though! The Triumph Street Twin is equipped with mid-mount pegs for optimal balance and easy to handlebars. 

Indian Scout

The Indian Scout has the lowest motorcycle seat height on our list, sitting just above 25 inches. The weight is balanced with a curb weight of 578 pounds. Don’t let this easy-riding-looking bike fool you either! The Indian Scout is the fastest bike on our list due to its 1,133cc V-twin. 

In addition to its low seat, the Indian scout also has pushed back handlebars that are easy to reach for shorter riders. The lower controls are slightly forward; however, adjustments can be made for ease of use. 

Kawasaki W800

This bike has the aesthetic of a 1960s European-style motorcycle, but the power and engineering people have come to expect from Kawasaki bikes. The seat height is ideal for shorter riders coming up to 31.1 inches with a flat style. Seat cushions can be added to the flat seat for more comfort and customization, though.

The Kawasaki W800 features mid-mount controls with wideset easy-to-reach handlebars. Although the bike has a retro feel, it is powered with an air-cooled, fuel-injected 773 ccs parallel-twin. 

Harley-Davidson Street Bob 

The Street Bob is the perfect ride for a shorter rider. The motorcycle seat height sits just below 27 inches and is equipped with mid-mounts and a scooped seat. Depending on your weight, you might want to consider adjusting the seat with a cushion for comfort. This bike is a little heavier than the other models on the list sitting with a curb weight of 635 pounds. 

With that being said, the Street Bob has an incredibly low center of gravity and a smaller 3.5-gallon fuel tank. Additionally, this bike has loads of torque as well to help keep you moving fast! 


Comfort With Low-Seat Height Motorcycles

Studies show that motorcycle injuries and accidents have decreased by 5% in recent years, which is great news! Comfort has a lot to do with your ride’s safety and quality, which is why you should always make sure you are comfortable and secure on your bike. Our goal is to provide seat cushions customized to provide the highest quality comfort to our riders. 

The ergonomic design minimizes vibration, reduces shock, and helps prevent numbness. The unique design also helps disperse weight to prevent painful pressure points. Our seat cushions are the ideal addition to any rider’s motorcycle, especially for low seat height motorcycles, so check out our site and find your ideal fit today!

Find a Seat

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