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My last post introduced you to the Kirkey seat.

In a question asked by Keith Hall, a 20 year old Ice Race Car driver out of Brainerd, MN, we all wanted to know how we could make a Wild Ass Cushion work in the race car!  Because of the type seat that the Kirkey is, there is NO Padding and LOTS of airflow.  Normally, this wouldn’t be a problem.  In this case, a case not intended by the seat manufacturer, we were able to solve not one, but TWO of Keith’s problems.  We did the measurements, so we knew going in that the Wild Ass Smart was going to work.

Problem  1 – There is no padding in a race car seat so we wanted to address that with the proven “Sit where you want to sit” comfort of Wild Ass.  For this, the problem of comfort, we knew that any of our materials were going to provide the comfort factor that we were looking for.

Problem 2 – With the amount of airflow that comes right through this particular seat, we also knew that COLD was going to be an issue.  Not for the throughly tested Wild Ass line, we already knew they were going to hold up!  The Problem we were trying to do solve for Keith here was to keep HIM warm.  In the sub-zero temperatures of Northern Minnesota, any possibility of keeping him warm was a huge bonus!  The way we handled this was simple.  We chose the Air Gel cushion because we have been testing it in the opposite of these conditions and have been extremely happy with the results!  While waiting for his race, we simply threw the cushion on the dash of his pickup so the defroster could get it nice and warm.  This proved to be a big success and did EXACTLY what we had hoped!

At the end of the video, after I had thought I shut the camera off, is when the real testimonial is said!

Enjoy the video!

Alright! Hopefully you can hear me!  Let me know if you can!  Give me a ‘Thumbs up!’  

This is Craig Johnson with Wild Ass and we are heading out for heat one of the ice races!  I’m in the car with Keith Hall.  I’ve been given instructions to not be asking questions because he’s got one job to do and that’s get this thing to the front of the field. 

We got a good starting position.  So, I see I’ve got Renae watching, if you could, give me a ‘thumbs up’ if you can hear me.  Just want to make sure that we can hear everything in the car.  It might be a little loud once we get to race time but we’ll do the best we can!  

Flaggers, we got a thumbs up, thank you.  Flaggers standing in their positions ready to keep everybody in the loop if there is something going on in the track, we need to be mindful of.  Not sure how big of a race this is, we’ve got to get past this cone right here then we go wide open! 

So here we are!  So far, Keith’s got us in the front!  Nobody running into the back of us or anything!  It’s all good.  We’d like to have somebody come up beside us so we could see what this is like!  We’ll take a look out the back of the car.  Maybe you could see somebody back there.  Heading into turn 3 and 4 on this Daytona Weekend.  Looks like somebody got into the back of us!  Of course I can’t see back there holding the camera backwards.  I was told that I would be warm as long as I was in the car and I am so this is good!  I can spin the camera around, we got a guy back here getting all sorts of into our back bumper.  Not hitting us yet! 

Keith doing a good job of keeping the car under control!  Let’s see if we can see over there.  I don’t see anybody coming.But I can’t see anyways!  It’s not really my job!  I’m just the navigator so I just keep telling him to turn left!  It looks like he knows his way around the track.  I’ll turn it back around.  Everything looking good. 

Flaggers standing there, looking like they’re just sitting in the best seats to watch the races.  I’ll shoot a video of the huge crowd here at the race track when we go by this time.  Pushing a little bit through the corner.  There’s our huge fan base for Keith Hall and First Star Racing.  You can see everybody on the sideline I’m trying to keep it still for you doing the best I can.  Gets us back into turn 1 with the flagman standing there watching the races.  I’ll try to zoom, get far enough away where you can actually see all of the steering and driving going on to keep the car going smoothly around the corner.  Looking behind us, it looks like we’ve got a little bit of a lead so we don’t have to push too hard into these corners.  No Blue flag yet. 

Blue flag in Ice racing means that there’s one lap to go.  Typically, at the Daytona 500, that would be white.  But unfortunately here, we can’t see white flag because everything is white.  Turn this around and see if we’ve got somebody behind us.  We’ve got one car right there it looks like.  Here we go!  Now we can see him!  Poking his head in there at us!  Giving us a push!  So we’ll turn the camera back around Blue flag is waving we’ve got one more lap to hold this guy off!  Let’s see if we can see him back there.  Kind of see him over my shoulder!  Probably hard to watch, I apologise for that!  I’m not a professional in car cameraman! 

But, Keith is doing a great job on his Wild Ass Cushion so we’ll get a little feedback on the seat once we get out of the car!  Got him going wide!  Trying to get by us!  We’ll see what happens!  He’s coming into the side of us! 

AAnndd.  Checkered flag! 

That was a full heat race on a Wild Ass Cushion coming at you live! 

Nice Driving Keith!  Thumbs up! Hopefully I didn’t interrupt him at all.  I saw him looking over, but we’re all good!  We’ll get out of the car.  Get, I guess, not really warmed up, because we’re not even cold but.  We’ll get back to the pits.  We’ll talk to Keith in a little bit.  Then we’re going to call it a day!  Thanks for watching!  Thanks for tuning in!  Share it!  Wild Ass Motorcycle seats!  NOT just for motorcycles.  You can use them even on a Kirkey Ice Race Car seat! 

Talk to you soon! 

***  NOTE  ***  I meant to turn the camera off here…

Keith – “Very comfortable and warm!”

Craig “Was it?!”

Keith – “Yes!  Very very good.” 

Craig – “Cool!”

Keith – “Very slippery in the pits!”

Craig – “Yes it is! I’m a little shocked!  Nice drive!’

Keith – “That was hard!”

Craig – “Was it?”

Keith – “Yeah, ’cause, there’s been a lot of drama involving that guy that was trying to get around us this year.”

Craig – “Yeah?”

Keith – “Like, the reason that I’m not the points leader by a lot?  Is because I got disqualified two weeks ago. Not…–“

Craig – “–OH! Hang on, we’re still being live I guess!  We’ve gotta shut this down!””


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