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The Importance of Comfortable Motorcycle Seats

Can you imagine not having a comfortable motorcycle during a long ride? If you’re unlucky enough, you might even have had to deal with this horrible situation at some point in your time in the saddle. However, there are ways to ease physical displeasure when traveling.

Comfort is one of the most important things when you have your legs wrapped around a powerful motorbike. So, join us as we talk over why it is so important as well as some of the best ways to improve your journey.

Why Poor Comfort Is a Bummer

The truth is that having a comfortable ride is not only about how you feel when you get on the bike (although that is important). In-fact, it can be a huge deal for your physical health if you end up on a motorbike that does not suit your needs.

Some bikes out there can put a lot of pressure on parts of the body that were not meant to support that kind of strain. If you are on a motorbike that causes you to lean back you may end up stressing your spine. Whereas on a sports bike, you end up leaning forward which can impact the comfort of your arms and legs a lot more.

If you worry about how you sit, it is highly recommended that you find ways to sit in a more natural posture. For example, a touring motorbike may allow you to sit in a way that does not require awkward motion. This will prevent significant stresses and stop your body from undergoing long-term damage. Such damage will cause long-term discomfort both on and off the bike, so ensuring it does not happen is a major concern.

Stretching for a Comfortable Motorcycle Ride

When getting on that bike, you can also make sure you are in good physical shape. If you make sure to stretch before getting in the seat, you may prevent your muscles from having difficulty on the ride.

You can repeat stretches many times during a long journey to ensure your muscles can keep going. The last thing you want is to start enjoying a long length of straight road, only to have your muscles tighten and get uncomfortable. Admit it, everyone loves that first stretch when they get off their bike anyway.

Appropriate Clothing Makes All the Difference

You need to ensure what you wear feels good when you put it on. While you do that, remember that safety is important. Do not go wearing those jogging pants when riding only because they feel good around the thighs.

Proper riding gear should never feel particularly uncomfortable, however. You should be picking gear that is both comfortable and offers you protection from the elements and in case you tumble. Plenty of locations online offer specialist riding gear which will give you the confidence you need while also being easy on the joints.

When choosing a jacket, make sure to pick something which has long sleeves and is well-sealed to keep out the wind and rain. Whereas, with trousers, do the same but make sure they are not tight enough to cut off the blood to your legs. You want to be able to feel protected but also able to ride for a long time.

Comfortable Posture

If you are planning to make comfort a new year’s resolution for 2021, there is no more important place to look than your own rear. You will be sitting on it for large periods of time when riding, so you must protect it from vibrations and bumps in the road. We have all had that one trip where we came out of it feeling like we never want to traverse those same roads again.

To avoid this, you have two major options: position and cushioning.

Make sure you put yourself in a comfortable position before you start riding. You should work out where you want your handlebars to go by finding where is comfortable for them to be from a sitting position. You can then adjust your levers and controls safe in the knowledge you will be interacting with them while not exerting yourself.

Remember that if you find your handlebars to be too uncomfortable, you can always try other ones. Or if you need a smaller adjustment, grab some handlebar risers and use them to move the handles where you can hold on to them in a comfortable manner. Be aware that this may require moving other parts of the bike too and that your control wires may only stretch so far before you will need to extend them.

Parking your Seat

Finally, the most important part of this whole process may be the place you park your posterior. Look into a variety of different seats or seat covers for your bike. As everybody is different, make sure to shop around and discover exactly what suits your frame best.

Also, it is important to ensure proper ventilation. Getting a warm and sweaty behind is not a fun concept on a long journey and can lead to further problems down the line. Therefore no matter what you do to keep the seat comfortable, make sure it has adequate airflow.

Some seats you can purchase are even adjustable, allowing you to inflate or raise and lower them as need be. This might be perfect to avoid you needing to try and test a wide variety of different seats when you can just purchase the one instead.

Where Should I Look?

Having a comfortable motorcycle can be the difference between having a sense of true freedom on the road and feeling like traveling is a chore. Make sure to follow our advice for information on how to ensure you enjoy the journey.

Alternatively, contact your closest store for up-to-the-minute information and friendly assistance.

Find a Seat

When looking for top-notch motorcycle seat comfort, the inner workings are more important.  Look for materials that stay durable and pliant even after years and miles have taken their toll.

Take a look at our shop and check out how we deliver a unique level of comfort for your ride.