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Riding your motorcycle should provide a fun experience.  Do you find that you feel tired and achy after riding for a while?

If motorcycles aren’t properly positioned for riding, they can cause fatigue and discomfort.  This represents a serious problem in addition to the pain.  A 2018 report found that fatigue and drowsiness were some of the factors in 1,221 motorcycle deaths.

Ensuring that you have the correct motorcycle riding position can save your life.  It also prevents injuries caused by decreased circulation and body misalignment.  Keep reading to learn how to increase the comfort and safety of your motorcycle.

Are You Riding in Comfort?

How would you rate your riding comfort?  Often people experience significant soreness after long rides.  They feel tightness and pain in their neck, hips, wrists, and back.

If this describes your experience, don’t just chalk it up to being a motorcycle rider.  These are signals that you need to adjust your riding position.

What Is Ergonomics?

The science of ergonomics works to fit the environment, such as the motorcycle, to the person.  This is different than trying to make yourself fit the motorcycle.  When the machine is adjusted to the person it optimizes their health and performance.

Avoid Injury with the Right Ergonomic Bike Design

Ergonomic science provides guidelines for properly fitting motorcycles to riders.  The following describes the most ergonomic riding position.

You should sit so that your hips and knees form a 90-degree angle.  Your spine (backbone) should remain in a neutral position.  This means you’re not leaning forward or backward.

The rider’s arms should rest at their side.  When the hands are on the handlebars, the elbows should form a 90-degree angle.  The wrists shouldn’t bend significantly forward or backward.

Adjusting Your Motorcycle Riding Position

Choosing the correct seat has a big impact on your riding posture.  The following describes features to look for selecting your motorcycle seat.

  • Choose a wide, low profile seat with air chambers to make it more stable
  • It should disperse your weight over the entire cushion which removes pressure points
  • Constant air movement between cushion cells improves blood flow and prevents numbness
  • An air space between the seat and the rider decreases vibration and shock
  • Space between the air cells dissipates heat and moisture
  • A wide cut out between the front and center back reduces scrotum, tailbone, and prostate pressure
  • Scrotum pressure points are also decreased with front end concave seat designs
  • Decrease tail bone contact by choosing a back end cut out design

A well-fit seat should feel comfortable when you sit in it.  You shouldn’t have any problems moving your legs forward and backward.  There shouldn’t be any areas of pressure felt.

Does Your Motorcycle Need to Be More Comfortable?

Having the right seat can greatly impact your motorcycle riding position.  The Wild Ass Motorcycle air cushion uses purpose designed interconnected air cell technology.

This eliminates painful pressure points.  It also promotes circulation by molding to the rider’s shape, weight, and riding position.  You will feel increased shock absorption, reduced vibration, and improved ventilation.  Click on this link today to find locations that sell Wild Ass Motorcycle seats.

Find a Seat

When looking for top-notch motorcycle seat comfort, the inner workings are more important.  Look for materials that stay durable and pliant even after years and miles have taken their toll.

Take a look at our shop and check out how we deliver a unique level of comfort for your ride.