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If you’re a motorcycle rider, looking after your wellness and comfort should be a priority.  When you look into purchasing the right seat, it’ll go a long way in improving your ride experience. 

There are several options, so you need to do your homework as you shop around.  Keep reading to learn more about picking the most comfortable motorcycle seats. 

Foam Motorcycle Seats

Foam is one of the more common materials people buy for their motorcycle seats because it is believed to be one of the most plush, comfortable options.  Users often believe that because it feels plush and comfortable. that you’ll be able to spend plenty of time on the road when you opt for foam seats that fit your body size. 

These seats are typically crafted with polyurethene or polyethylene material.  You can count on this material for its durability and ability to keep you comfortable while you ride.

Investing in a quality motorcycle seat can fix your riding posture, which can help to prevent back pain and other chronic issues. 

Gel Motorcycle Seats

Riding comfortably is a major part of motorcycle safety, and choosing a gel seat is also believed to be a helpful step. 

Gel is also a sturdy and pliable material that can hold your tailbone and lower back in place comfortably.  There are a number of gel seats you can purchase that are crafted with designs that better support your way. 

You will be able to relieve some stress on your body when you ride since gel is soft and will slightly conform to your body.  If you shop around for one of these seats, you’ll need to pay attention both to its firmness and its overall density. 

These seats come in varying degrees of thickness, and you can choose between different bulky or sleek options. 

Air Motorcycle Seats

You’ll want to look into air motorcycle seats as a viable option.  These seats make use of pressurized air to create a cushion for you to comfortably sit on. 

Air motorcycle seats are also helpful at relieving tailbone pain and lower body stiffness wile distributing pressure and eliminating pressure points.

Modified Seat Cushions

All is not lost if your motorcycle doesn’t already have a comfortable seat, or if you prefer the current seat.  Instead, you can modify your current seat with a cushion that will ease your pain and make you more durable when you ride. 

Many people purchase modified seat cushions to give them a more comfortable ride.  These cushions give you more customization, since they can be slid or installed over your seat to more snugly conform to its shape nad design. 

Modified seat cushions are often crafted with pressure relief in mind.  As such, your body won’t have to bear the toll of the road.  Choose a seat cushion that will securely attach to the motorcycle seat so that you’re not always adjusting it when you ride. 

Sheepskin Motorcycle Seats

Sheepskin is also another material you can use when you want a motorcycle seat that is cool in the face of hot weather.  You can purchase motorcycle seats and covers that are made with sheepskin.  Real sheepskin, however can be very expensive.

The fluffiness and denseness of the material will also keep the seat warm when its frigid or snowy outside.  These seats will retain more of your body warmth, which will keep you comfortable in a natural manner. 

Classic Motorcycle Seats

You may also shop for the classic motorcycle seat style.  These seats are smaller in width and often made with different types of plush or foam material. 

You’ll typically find classic motorcycle seats that feature foam on the inside and a vinyl cover on the outside. 

Consider the different brands and styles available when purchasing classic seats so that you find the best fit for your motorcycle and preferences. 

Choose Seats That Provide Shock Absorption

Take shock absorption into account when you’d like to purchase a motorcycle seat. Rather than locking in on one material or the other, choose whichever design will prevent you from having to experience the heavy vibration when you ride. 

This is particularly useful when you are riding in traffic, since idling on your bike can cause you to take on more vibration. 

Make Sure That Your Weight is Comfortably and Evenly Distributed

Weight distribution should also be a priority when you’re shopping for motorcycle seats. Make sure that the seat has enough width and density to support you without any side of your body having to shift or compensate. 

Consider the weight capacity of the seat as well and make sure that you buy one that can comfortably accommodate you. 

Select Motorcycle Seats That Avoid Pain and Discomfort

There are certain motorcycle seats you can purchase that will target pain points in your body. For instance, they can ease the stress on your lower back, tailbone, groin areas or thighs. 

When you consider these variables it becomes easier for you to keep your pain at bay so that you can enjoy your ride. 

Shop for the Motorcycle Seats That Will Suit You

Investing in some quality motorcycle seats will give you a comfortable and safe ride. The tips above will help you when you’re shopping for the perfect seat. 

When you’d like to buy whichever seat is best for your needs, Wild Ass ergonomic cushions might be your best bet. We’d love to show you more about the many products we offer. 

Shop our store for some of the most comfortable seats on the market, and give us a call at (218) 851-2771 if you have questions.