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Over 68% of motorcyclists experience lower back pain. But, despite its commonality, lower back pain can be incredibly debilitating. It is the most cited reason people leave the workforce early, and sufferers typically have a reduced quality of life overall. 

Fortunately, the underlying cause of this pain can be addressed in the vast majority of cases. Motorcycle riders can eliminate pain, and improve their riding posture, by choosing better motorcycle seat cushions. 

Motorcycle seats make an incredible impact on how your bike affects your body. Discover how to choose the best seating options for you. 

Motorcycle Seating: Overview

Motorcycle seats typically incorporate a shaped seating platform, a pad or cushion, and a cover. The most common motorcycle seat shapes are the crown shape and the dish shape.

The crown centralizes pressure, which can be too hard on your back. It can also cause part of your thighs or bottom to go numb. In contrast, dish-shaped seats distribute pressure more evenly.

The seating platform, or saddle, may have a forward slope. Leveling it front-to-back is an effective strategy. Ideally, the seat leaves the rider some room to shift forward or backward while driving. 

Types of Motorcycle Seating

Engineers create motorcycle seat cushions from four materials. Motorcyclists will choose from:

  • Foam cushions
  • Air pads
  • Gel cushions
  • Sheepskin pads

Each option had advantages and disadvantages. 

Foam Motorcycle Cushions

Most motorcycle seats have injection-molded, open-cell polyfoam suspension. The suspension is useful as long as the foam maintains its rebound resilience.

But, over time, it can lose this resilience. This causes the seat to compress and flatten, rendering it unable to properly cushion. 

If you want a foam cushion, look for high-quality memory foam. These cushions will conform precisely to your shape, and they last much longer. 

Air Pads and Air Cushion Motorcycle Seating

Air pads and cushions have a series of cells. Each cell is filled with air. 

It’s easy to customize air cushions to distribute your weight well. You can also maintain them easily. Air cushions are a popular choice for riders who want to reduce vibrations. 

Gel Motorcycle Seat Cushions

Gel seat cushions are popular among motorcyclists who want to keep cool. The gel-filled cells redistribute weight evenly, and they improve airflow to prevent overheating. 

However, gel pads can be heavy. Moreover, as gel wears out, it can lose its cooling property and stores heat instead. 

Sheepskin Motorcycle Seat Pads

Sheepskin motorcycle seat cushions are ideal for temperature maintenance. They stay cool in the summer, and they retain heat in the winter. Unlike gel, sheepskin seat pads maintain this property for life.

The downside is, that sheepskin pads are more expensive than alternatives.

Some motorcyclists use pads that combine materials, to take advantage of the best features of each.

Seat Cushion Shapes

Designers create seat cushions and pads in different shapes, to suit different platforms and motorcyclists. The most common seat cushion shapes are:

  • Low Profile
  • Standard (comfort)
  • Touring

The low-profile shape enables the motorcyclist to ride closer to the ground. 

Low riding seats can be hard on the body, so it’s wise to get a thick seat cushion for long distances.

The standard (comfort) style offers more back support. The back support typically incorporates padding for extra comfort. Most pillion cushions are compatible with standard seat styles. 

Touring seats are for passengers. They are cupped and wider in the back. This allows for more support. 

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Investing in some quality motorcycle seats will give you a comfortable and safe ride. The tips above will help you when you’re shopping for the perfect seat. 

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