Best Motorcycle Seat Pad for Long Rides

The Best Motorcycle Seat Pad for Long Rides

The average motorcycle spans distances of over 3,000 miles annually.  That’s a lot of ground to cover.  Touring and sport-touring bikes can reach upwards of 6,000 miles per year.

Whether you ride your motorcycle on the weekend for pleasure or use it as your primary vehicle, you want it to be a comfortable journey.  Comfort starts with choosing the best motorcycle seat pad for long rides. 

Quality motorcycle seats offer both support and a more enjoyable experience.  Not sure how to choose?

Grab your helmet and learn more here about the best motorcycle seat pad for long rides so you can travel in comfort and style. 

The Importance of a Comfortable Motorcycle Seat

If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast, you know that August means only one thing—the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.  A 10-day event that attracts motorcycle lovers and riders from around the country (500,000 riders to be exact).

People traveling great distances to South Dakota for this once-in-a-lifetime experience need a comfortable seat.  Without one, riders experience pain in their lower back and tailbone which can travel up to their neck and shoulders.

Not only do uncomfortable seats pose health risks, but they can also create road hazards.  Motorcycle riders who are in pain or discomfort after hours on the road can easily become distracted.

Purchasing a comfortable motorcycle seat cushion is an investment in your health, safety, and peace of mind. 

Why Wild Ass Motorcycle Seats Are the Best Choice

Wild Ass motorcycle seats are ergonomically designed with both comfort and safety in mind.  Each feature of these custom motorcycle seats serves an important purpose.

Let’s take a closer look at why these are the best motorcycle seat pads for long rides.

Even Weight Distribution and Shape

Wild Ass seat cushions help evenly distribute your weight across the entire surface of the cushion, eliminating painful pressure points. 

The tapered shape of our seats also provides reduced pressure on the scrotum, prostate, and tailbone.

You’ll enjoy optimal fit from front to back and a more comfortable passage for your legs.  The back end cut out helps reduce contact between the seat and your tailbone.

Increased Stability and Air Flow 

The only thing worse than a sore bottom after hours of riding is a sweaty one!  Most motorcycle seats restrict airflow and cause a less than ideal situation between your legs.

Wild Ass seat cushions are inflatable and made of unique air cells to reduce numbness, transfer air, and promote circulation.  There’s also an air zone between you and the seat to reduce both vibration and shock.

Inside the Wild Ass motorcycle seat pads the air cells provide specially-designed ventilation to disperse heat and moisture, keeping you cool and comfortable on long (and short) rides.

These wide, low profile air chambers also increase stability, allowing you to feel safe and secure.

Let Us Help You Find the Best Motorcycle Seat Pad for Long Rides

Wild Ass carries a wide range of motorcycle seat covers to accommodate bikes and riders of all shapes and sizes.

The Smart model is our most universal design.  The Sport variety is ideal for narrower seats and the Pillion cushion provides a stable, comfortable ride for those small passenger seats. 

Say good-bye to that old, hard, uncomfortable motorcycle seat.  When you invest in the best motorcycle seat pad for long rides, you can comfortably and confidently travel wherever the road takes you!

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