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How to Get the Most Comfortable Motorcycle: Your Guide

In 2018, 8% of households in the United States owned a motorcycle.  If you’re part of that percentage, you have probably realized that your motorcycle can sometimes be uncomfortable.  To avoid an uncomfortable motorcycle ride, you may want to choose the most comfortable motorcycle. If you already have one, there are ways to make it more comfortable. Keep reading to find out what options you have! Choose the Right Type of Motorcycle If you get a cruiser, these typically have a lower seat height. You’ll sit in the seat rather

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motorcycle cost

How Much Does a Motorcycle Cost? Budget for Upgrades, Too

In 2018, the average household salary of people who owned motorcycles was around $62,500. However, owning a motorcycle has become more affordable, depending on which option you go with. However, the motorcycle cost isn’t the only factor you’ll want to include in your budget. Before you go out and buy a motorcycle, keep reading to learn about the actual cost of a motorcycle purchase.  Average Motorcycle Cost The average cost of buying a motorcycle can range anywhere between $4,000 to $30,000. However, you’ll likely find more bikes in the $6,000 to

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Motorcycle Seat

Wild Ass: The Ultimate Motorcycle Seat Pad for Longer Rides

Spring is almost here, and it is time to hit the open road. More than eight percent of American households own a motorcycle. This equates to millions of motorcycles operating across the United States. Before starting an epic road trip, take inventory of what could make your bike more comfortable. Custom motorcycle seats are one way to increase your level of comfort. Read on to learn why a motorcycle seat pad makes longer trips more enjoyable. Explore the features and benefits of a custom motorcycle seat pad here. What Are the

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3 Ways to Get Ready for Sturgis Bike Week

Did you know that Sturgis is considered one of the big four when it comes to famous motorcycle events in the United States? This year is shaping up to be one of the best Sturgis Bike Weeks of all time. This is all the more reason to ensure you’re ready to take it on. Preparing for big events can be a huge headache for plenty of people. However, you shouldn’t worry because we can help. Keep reading to learn all about three ways to get ready for Sturgis Bike Week. 1.

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