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motorcycle seating position

Where Should Your Motorcycle Seating Position Be?

Are you wondering how to ride a motorcycle more comfortably? You’re not alone. There are over 12 million of us cruising down American roads in a variety of motorcycle riding positions. Some people make motorcycle riding look easy, while others struggle with sore backs and achy joints. To keep doing what you love most, you need to know how to sit on a motorcycle (the right way). In this post, we’ll review the basic motorcycle seating position and body mechanics to keep you cruising comfortably all day long. Take a

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bike seat

Bike Seat 101: How To Ride Comfortably on Your Motorcycle

Are you a new or experienced motorcycle rider? Does your seat give you a comfortable ride no matter the distance? If you answered, “No”, it’s time for a new bike seat. You don’t have to settle or “put up with” the pain. Get a seat to fit your body’s needs. Keep reading to learn what to look for in a great motorcycle seat. What Affects Motorcycle Comfort? There are several reasons that contribute to seat discomfort. If you like to take long rides, you don’t want to be uncomfortable. The

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motorcycle road trip

5 Pro Tips Before You Head Out on a Motorcycle Road Trip

Warm weather is here and it is time to ride. As a result, motorcycle sales are on fire. In the first quarter of 2021, motorcycle sales are up more than 37%. With your new motorcycle in hand, it is time to plan your first big road trip. However, there is much to learn before taking off on a long road trip. Failing to adequately prepare may lead to a bad experience. Read on to learn how to prepare for your next big journey. Explore 5 pro tips to consider before

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bike week

How To Prepare for Your First Bike Week

There are a lot of great things about owning a motorcycle. You get to get out on the open road and explore America’s most scenic roads. You also get to enjoy the camaraderie that comes along with finding a group of like-minded people. What better way is there to find people who love riding as much as you than heading to your very first bike week. There are a number of bike weeks throughout the country, but no matter which one you attend, you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared.

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motorcycle rallies

Your Guide to Motorcycle Rallies in 2021

What if you weren’t getting the most out of your motorcycle? That beautiful machine is meant for more than commuting to work and then hiding inside your garage. To really get the most out of your bike, you need to take it on a long ride to a killer motorcycle rally. Are you wondering which motorcycle rallies would be perfect for you and your bike? Keep reading to discover some of our favorite choices! Laconia Bike Week Taking place in Laconia, New Hampshire, Laconia Bike Week will take place June

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Texas Motor Speedway

What to Do At “Get On Moto Fest” at the Texas Motor Speedway

More Americans are riding motorcycles today than ever before- in fact, over 8% of American homes are currently loving their bike. Sharing your passion for motoring with others is a great way to learn more about this hobby and meet new friends with similar interests. Get On! Moto Fest at the Texas Motor Speedway is a 3-day event spanning May 21, 22, and 23. It’s an inclusive event that brings together motorcycle enthusiasts of all ages, genders, and styles for fun activities related to riding. Read on to learn what

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Laughlin Bike Week

Top Attractions to See in 2022 at Laughlin Bike Week

Laughlin Bike Week may have been canceled for two years in a row, but 2022 is the year for a comeback. Are you going to be ready? The Laughlin River Run has all the entertaining and competitive events you want from a bike week. If you’re planning for the Laughlin River Run 2022, you’ve got to check out this guide to some of the attractions you just can’t miss. Poker Runs Poker runs are motorcycle races with a twist. You must stop at each of five checkpoints and draw a

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2021 Myrtle Beach Bike Weeks: What to Do This Spring and Fall

Myrtle Beach Bike Weeks are celebrating their 81st anniversary this year. And, after a low turnout in 2020, the spring and fall rallies will be on in full force. But before you speed off toward the Grand Strand, we’ve got to tell you about the top spring and fall Myrtle Beach Bike Week attractions you just can’t miss. Check out this guide before you start planning your trip! Things to Do at Myrtle Beach Spring Riding Rally The Spring Rally at Myrtle Beach will occur from May 7 to 16

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sand and gravel

Navigating Sand and Gravel at Myrtle Beach Bike Week Spring Rally 2021

Things are gearing up for the famous Spring Bike Week Rally in the beautiful city of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. If you’re getting ready to hit the road for this awesome event, it’s important to remember that you could be dealing with some rough riding on sand and gravel. Before you head out, read on for some tips that will help you navigate this terrain more easily for a great experience you’ll look back on with a smile. Smooth Out Your Throttle Odds are that you have experience riding through

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hot motorcycle

How to Care for a Hot Motorcycle at Spring Thunder Beach Motorcycle Rally 2021

The Spring Thunder Beach Rally is approved, and you’re going to take your ride down to Panama City for an amazing event full of awesome bikes and great weather. We’ve already covered how to prepare for your long-distance bike ride to the event, yet are you ready to compete with the heat? A hot motorcycle can lead to numerous issues, which means that knowing how to handle riding in hot weather and beat overheating issues is very important. If You’re ready to learn more about how to handle the heat,

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