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The Different Types of Motorcycle Seats and Seat Pads: Foam, Gel, and Air

If you’re a motorcycle rider, looking after your wellness and comfort should be a priority.  When you look into purchasing the right seat, it’ll go a long way in improving your ride experience.  There are several options, so you need to do your homework as you shop around.  Keep reading to learn more about picking the most comfortable motorcycle seats.  Foam Motorcycle Seats Foam is one of the more common materials people buy for their motorcycle seats because it is believed to be one of the most plush, comfortable options. 

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How to Make Your Motorcycle Seat More Comfortable

According to the U.S. Census, about 1.5 million homes own a motorcycle.  If you’re one of the millions of people who own a motorcycle, you might have noticed that your motorcycle seat isn’t as comfortable as it used to be. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to toss it out and get an entirely new bike. There are plenty of things you can do to make sure that your ride is still just as comfortable!  Get a Seat Pad One of the most popular ways you could fix it

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Your Motorcycle Seat Comfort Guide: What Makes a Motorcycle Seat Ergonomic?

Along the timeline from first-time rider to longstanding Iron Butt Association member is a lot of learning and a lot of bike tweaking.  A reputation for being road-worn and battle-weary might have come along with motorcycle enthusiasts since the 40s but nobody likes riding on a plank. When it comes to motorcycle seat comfort, everyone’s looking for something that makes your butt feel as free and secure as being on a bike makes you feel.  That said, not everyone really understands what goes into bike ergonomics and finding a balance

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Motorcycle Cushions for Less Than $250

Ride On: 3 Motorcycle Cushions for Less Than $250

Over 13 million people in the United States own motorcycles.  While it’s amazing that motorcycles have experienced exponential growth in popularity, there’s one small problem.  Motorcycle manufacturers only produce a limited style of seats, yet riders have an endless variety of rear ends.  Not everyone will find the seat on their motorcycle to be as comfortable as it could be.  This is even more noticeable the more you ride.  Thankfully, there’s a solution.  Motorcycle cushions help riders find comfort and relief.  But not all seat cushions are the same quality

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Best Motorcycle Seat Cushion of 2020

5 Reasons Wild Ass Is the Best Motorcycle Seat Cushion of 2020

Most motorcycle riders manage to cover 250-300 miles a day when traveling.  The number of miles you log in a day will depend on several different factors.  These include the traffic conditions, weather, endurance level, road condition, and type of motorcycle.  One of the biggest factors is your abilities and endurance level.  The faster your body and mind fatigue, the sooner you’ll want to quit.  One way to improve your endurance is to make your bike more comfortable by adding a motorcycle seat cushion.  We have five reasons why Wild Ass is

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Motorcycle Touring Seats

Your Guide to the Features and Benefits of Wild Ass Motorcycle Touring Seats

There’s nothing like the feeling of riding a motorcycle with the wind in your hair!  The joys of riding a motorcycle aren’t a secret.  A survey from 2018 found that about 13,158,100 Americans own motorcycles. You would love to keep riding today, but you notice that your butt has gone numb and your back has started aching.  You need to take a break and walk around for a minute. While you get the blood flowing back to your rear end, why not look for an upgrade to that stiff old motorcycle

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5 Safe Ways to Pack up Your Motorcycle (Fast!)

Almost 400,000 traveling motorcyclists visited Montana in 2018.  Motorcycle tourism, as a whole, has experienced explosive growth over the last few years.  If you’re planning to take a two-wheeled adventure, then you need to plan what you’ll bring with you.  There’s an art to packing a motorcycle.  You have severely limited space, and if you get it wrong, you could endanger yourself or at least make for an unpleasant ride.  This guide will help you pack with five ways you can safely load your gear.  1. Heaviest Items on the Bottom 

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custom motorcycle seat covers

The Best Custom Motorcycle Seat Covers and Gel Cushioned Pads

Did You Know by the recent study found that 58.4% of motorcycle riders experience pain in their spine while they’re riding? Riding a motorcycle can be an exhilarating hobby to partake in, but it can often be painful if you don’t have a proper seat to cush the road’s bumps. If you looked into investing in a brand new seat for your motorcycle, the chances are that you found that you found that a new seat is very expensive. Are you interested in learning how gel pads and custom motorcycle

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What Is the Perfect Motorcycle Seat

What Is the Perfect Motorcycle Seat?

Did you know that in 2018, there were 457,200 brand new motorcycles sold in the United States?  With all of the new motorcycles that are bought and sold every year, many of us riders use our motorcycles for joyriding or for traveling to and from work.  While most of us are familiar with properly caring for our bikes, not many of our fellow riders are aware of the importance of a high-quality motorcycle seat. But, what is the perfect motorcycle seat?  We’ve created this quick guide to answer that question for

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sturgis motorcycle rally 2020

80th Annual 2020 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is on, do you have your Wild Ass Motorcycle Seat Cushion?

Are you going to be one of the thousands of riders going to attend the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in 2020? Attending this motorcycle rally is for a good cause, but you may not be tempted to go to this event this year if you’ve been having problems with back pain. If you’re finding that you’re not as tempted to ride as you used to be, because of back pain or hip pain that you feel when you’re riding, we have a solution for you.  Keep reading to learn why you

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