motorcycle group riding

Safety First: Top Motorcycle Group Riding Tips to Remember

Few experiences top a beautiful day of riding with friends.  Motorcycle enthusiasts know that this is one hobby that only gets better when you enjoy it with others. 

Whether you’re gearing up for an annual bike week or simply cruising a scenic route, it’s important to follow basic safety practices.

Today, we’re sharing a few of the top tips to remember for motorcycle group riding.  Designed to keep everyone in your party safe, these guidelines can help you enjoy the open road with care and caution.

Prepare Before You Go

Before you head out, make sure your motorcycle is fueled up with a full tank of gas.  Leave early enough to arrive on time at your destination and remember to bring your cell phone along.

Before the ride, it’s also helpful to hold a “Rider’s Meeting”, where everyone can understand the plan and share their individual skill level.  As you discuss the route, you can also designate key stops for fuel, food and rest.  

At this time, you’ll assign the lead rider, who will go in front of the group.  You can also assign the “sweep”, who will be the tail rider.  These individuals are critically important to safeguarding the rest of the riders, so make sure they’re experienced in motorcycle safety and group riding. 

Before concluding the meeting, remember to designate one person to carry a toolkit and first-aid kit for basic necessities. 

Stick to Small Groups

Ideally, your group should be limited to five to seven riders, at most.  If you have more than that number, you can always break the group into multiple, smaller groups. 

If you do this, each sub-group should have its own lead and sweep rider.  Leave a few seconds of space between each group to avoid overcrowding. 

Understand Hand Signals

It’s imperative that the formation leaders understand all of the common riding hand signals.  These can help inform the rest of the riders about hazards and stops ahead.  They can also communicate when it’s time to speed up, slow down or make other adjustments. 

As soon as the lead initiates a hand signal, the following riders will follow suit.  In this way, the message will get “passed down” through the formation so everyone knows what’s coming or what to do.

Ride in a Staggered Formation

Rather than riding in a single-file line, stagger your formation to give each rider ample space.  This way, they can swerve or brake, if necessary, without impacting the rest of the group.

In this setup, the leader rides in the left side of the lane.  Next, the second rider will be in the right side of the lane, at least one second behind the leader.  This pattern will continue all the way to the sweep. 

Safely Enjoy Motorcycle Group Riding

By following the tips above, you can enjoy a safe and memorable motorcycle group riding experience. 

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