Motorcycle Cushions for Less Than $250

Ride On: 3 Motorcycle Cushions for Less Than $250

Over 13 million people in the United States own motorcycles.  While it’s amazing that motorcycles have experienced exponential growth in popularity, there’s one small problem.  Motorcycle manufacturers only produce a limited style of seats, yet riders have an endless variety of rear ends. 

Not everyone will find the seat on their motorcycle to be as comfortable as it could be.  This is even more noticeable the more you ride.  Thankfully, there’s a solution. 

Motorcycle cushions help riders find comfort and relief.  But not all seat cushions are the same quality and effectiveness.  This guide will help you find comfort by detailing the top three motorcycle cushions that you can buy for under $250. 

1. Smart Model 

The Smart model is the ideal motorcycle seat cushion for the rider on a cruiser, sport touring, adventure touring, or standard motorcycle.  You’ll immediately notice the cushion’s unique round shape that mimics the shape of your motorcycle seat

In the front, it has a concave notch that will curve around the shape of your tank. This creates a more secure fit.  The cushion ranges in price from $99 to $224.99. 

The individual cells have a thoughtful and careful design.  There’s a center channel that’s nice and wide to maximize ventilation and reduce the pressure on your scrotum and prostate.  This finishes on the backside with a cutout to reduce pressure on your tailbone. 

All of the cells connect to allow for responsive adjustment as you shift your weight when you ride.  This gives you superior cushioning while also maintaining stability. 

Seat Cushion Measurements: 

  • 39,5 x 36 cm
  • 15.5 x 14 inches

2. Sport Model 

The Sport model has contouring through the length and has a tapered front.  It ranges in price from $99 to $224.99.  It works best on adventure touring, dual sport, sport touring, and non-touring Harleys. 

The tapered structure ensures that it won’t interfere with your leg placement.  This makes it perfect for narrower seats.  The individual cells are tapered at the top to reduce the amount of contact with your more sensitive nether regions. 

On the backside of the cushion is a notched cutout in the center.  This is to reduce the pressure on your tailbone.  You’ll appreciate this on longer rides where pressure on your tailbone can create a pressure point that translates to back pain. 

Seat Cushion Measurements: 

  • 31 x 31 cm
  • 12.5 x 12.5 inches

3. Pillion Model 

The Pillion seat cushion is the most versatile of the Wild Ass seat cushions.  It ranges in price from $99 to $224.99.  It features a rectangular shape, which makes it perfect for use on seats that are short and narrow. 

Passengers will appreciate this seat cushion.  You can attach it either sideways or lengthways.  Do this by wrapping the included two straps around the seat and fastening them on the underside. 

The cushion has three rows of connected air cells.  The cross channels encourage airflow, which helps to remove heat and moisture. 

Seat Cushion Measurements: 

  • 22 x 29 cm
  • 9 x 11.5 inches

Air Cell Material Options 

All three of the Wild Ass cushion models have three options for the construction of the internal cushion.  All three are under the $250 price point.  You can choose from neoprene rubber, polyurethane and gel, or polyurethane cushion. 

The cover for all three cushions is a lightweight polyester material.  It’s breathable and also has perforations to encourage airflow.  This aids in the prevention of heat and moisture buildup. 

Neoprene Rubber

Inside of the cover is a medical grade neoprene rubber cushion.  All of the manufacturing for Wild Ass is done in an FDA approved wheelchair cushion factory.  So the materials used for these cushions are designed to be both durable and comfortable. 

These cushions have an exceptional ability to promote blood flow and reduce the occurrence of painful pressure points.  This type of cushion is ideal for the rider that puts some serious miles in and want the most comfortable seat that money can buy. 

Polyurethane and Gel

This is a unique seat because it combines air chamber technology with gel innovations for a seat that gives you the best of both worlds.  The main construction of the seat uses three layers of polyurethane.  This makes the seat incredibly durable while also being lightweight. 

Each air cell then has gel pads inserted into it.  This gives the cells extra cushioning.  The added gel will also absorb shock and vibration that’s transferred to your body. 

This style of cushion gives you more freedom in how you use it.  You have the option of using the cushion fully inflated or completely deflated.  When deflated, you’ll still enjoy the gel cushioning, but have a closer feel to the bike. 

This type of cushion is a solid mid-priced cushion.  It’s ideal for riders looking for a cushion that works for both short and long rides. 


The polyurethane cushions are incredibly lightweight.  They will reduce your painful pressure points, reduce heat buildup, promote blood circulation, and reduce vibration.  It’s more effective and durable than other affordably priced seat cushions on the market. 

This cushion material is perfect for the rider who is budget conscious.  It’s perfect for those who take short rides or are an occasional rider. 

Choose From the Best Motorcycle Cushions

When it comes to buying motorcycle gear, it’s better to invest in quality that will last.  The Wild Ass motorcycle cushions are a smart investment because of their solid construction, durability, and superior cushioning abilities. 

What’s nice about Wild Ass is that you can customize your cushion to fit your bike, your budget, and your cushioning needs.  Start by choosing the model that’s compatible with your motorcycle seat.  Then choose the cushion material. 

Browse our store and find the perfect cushion for your motorcycle.