Motorcycle Air Cushion

Random thoughts from a guy on a motorcycle air cushion

Here are just some Radom thoughts from a guy on a motorcycle air cushion…

There is a lot going on in these crazy times, that’s no surprise right? 

We all know about it so it’s on all of our minds and we all have the same questions.

What’s happening? 

What’s GOING to happen? 

What am I going to do? 

What are THEY going to do?

What are WE going to do?! 

Everybody has a different perspective so if you take a second, step out of YOUR situation and just observe, it is actually comical to see the differences. 

On one hand, we are all going to die.  On another, it is all a hoax.  Those seem to be the two extremes depending on what media outlet you choose to watch. 

In each there is a different story. 

A different person.  

A different group to point the finger at.

Here are my simple thoughts and observations…


I don’t typically buy into one source of information.  I do believe that EVERY ONE of them have a different ulterior motive.  To sell the shit their advertisers have.  Which is fine, selling keeps them in business.  It’s no secret that bad news gets attention.  Seriously, when the weather is going to be perfect, we stop checking and just enjoy it right?  If there is a storm coming we check every 15 minutes to see when it will be here.


Everybody and their brother has used COVID-19 or the CORONAVIRUS to issue some bullshit press release about how they are doing what they should have been all along to keep you safe…  Seriously?!  I didn’t jump on this bandwagon and refuse to, so this isn’t a Wild Ass press release telling you about how we just do our job better than our competitors.


SHUT THE DAMN NEWS OFF!!  There are too many people that can’t shut it off.  We all know at least one of them.  For myself, I have to ration time spent with them because they actually start to piss me off.  Don’t let yourself get so into the news, that you miss the fact that it’s beautiful outside!  I quarantined myself from the media for two weeks while on the road for Daytona Bike Week and you know what?  When I turned it back on, Trump was still pissing off the left, Pelosi was still pissing off the right, and nether side got any work done…  Two weeks, nothing changed…  Same old stories, different weeks.  Look for the information you want.  Get your answers and go find something productive to do.


While all this bad news is in the headlines, have you noticed all  the people outside?!  To me this is a beautiful thing.  I take different routes home from the shop each day, and I have to say, I have never seen so many people outside!  Walking, biking, and playing outside as families!  I love seeing this.  If you are one of those now enjoying activities outdoors with your friends and families because now you have the time to do it, thank you.  You are making memories that you may not have had if this craziness had never begun.


Masks.  Here is what I think of the whole mask debate.  If we all have to wear them then so be it.  If we don’t, fine.  If you choose to wear one, good.  If you don’t, good.  There is an expert on either side of this debate and I am not it.  If I have to wear one at my local Costco to do some shopping, that’s fine with me.  It is their property and I choose to go there.  It’s not my God-given right to go into any business.  If I disagree, it IS my right to NOT go there. 


One thing I have noticed, is that I am not going out to eat once a week with my friends.  Typically, I am not a fast food person, so when I give myself my weekly allowance, I still have almost all of it at the end of the week.  What’s up with that?!  You know what we do now?  Yard work, split wood, burn stuff, ride motorcycle.  Get together with those same friends to enjoy a good fire.  I am reconnecting with a simpler life like I used to have.  Sure, I have a lot more going on now, but I’m able to get it done during a normal business day and relax in the evenings.  I know this will all end and we’ll be back to the wide open grind again, but for now, I am choosing to enjoy this simpler time.


Are the schools afraid of us teaching kids how to do simple math?  I mean seriously!  My math is not only faster, but it is easier and I am coming up with the same answer.  I guess my “common core” says to get it done and move on.


It doesn’t seem like too long ago, everybody was hating on their jobs.  They’re the same people that now that want to get back to them.  Personally I think that’s a good thing.


I never used to be one to watch gas prices.  I always figure it doesn’t matter, because I want to drive, so I just have to pay the price.  Now, I am watching.  Why??  Because gas is almost back to the price it was when I started driving back in the 1900’s!!  We all said it would never happen, but we are almost there!  Stupid right?!  Simple entertainment…

In Closing…

Whatever your thoughts are right now, remember this.  If you have the right perspective, you will always find something good in whatever is happening.  You may not see it now, but if you look for it, you’ll find it.

In my personal life, time NOT on the road has actually been quite nice!   I have been working on some other projects that I haven’t had time to.  Renae and I are in full prep mode for a graduation party at the end of May so the honey-do list is being tackled.  All the wood that has been down is being cut up, split, and stacked.  The outside stuff is being tackled and we are out moving around.  If that doesn’t make a person feel better, I don’t know what does.

Here at Wild Ass, I have made some changes.  The shop has been rearranged.  I have some new procedures in place.  There are changes being made in how business is being done.  I have finalized a few new products.  The website has been all redone.  And things are moving along quite well!  Click around the new website and see what you find!  You might just learn a thing or two! 

Moving forward, I’m going to keep doing what I like to do.  I’ll take care of myself.  I’ll still ride motorcycle, and I hope that you will too.

Safely of course.

To all of you, I THANK YOU for allowing me to do this!

Feel free to comment and I hope to see you out on the road soon.


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