Motorcycle Seat Cushions

Motorcycle Seat Cushions: A Guide to the Most Comfortable Materials

Can you believe that a whopping 10% of all adults experience some form of chronic back pain?

Sitting for prolonged periods of time can contribute to back issues, even if you’re just trying to enjoy your motorcycle. This is why it’s so important to find a seat that will give you ergonomic support instead of ruining your ride.

Are you wondering what motorcycle seat cushions are worth your hard-earned moolah? Keep reading to learn all about the most comfortable materials with this brief guide.

Neoprene Rubber

When it comes to motorcycle seats, neoprene rubber is one of the best materials out there. This is a type of synthetic rubber that has great flexibility. Not only is it flexible, but it’s also highly durable.

As if that weren’t enough, neoprene rubber is waterproof too. The most respected brands use medical-grade neoprene rubber so that the seat pad is as ergonomic as possible.


Did you know that you can even buy motorcycle cushions that incorporate one or more layers of polyurethane? Since this plastic material was invented in the first half of the 20th century, polyurethane has been used for a wide variety of purposes.

As far as motorcycle seat comfort, you’ll be glad to know that polyurethane is also used for flexible cushioning foams. You may even own a mattress that has polyurethane in it.

The companies that truly care about their customers will even offer seats that have a combination of polyurethane and gel pads.

Gel Pads

When it comes to motorcycle seat materials, gel pads are a great addition. The gel pads can be made from silicon, latex, soy, or even another form of polyurethane. It’s also possible to find gel pads that incorporate vegetable oil.

Gel pads can work wonders for shock absorption. Depending on where you’re riding, there’s a good chance you’ll come across more than a few literal bumps in the road. Instead of feeling that from your coccyx and all the way up to your braincase, you can allow the gel pads and polyurethane layering to absorb as much as possible. 

Aside from shock absorption, gel pads are also helpful for supporting your buns and encouraging good posture. Simply put, good posture can make the difference between a healthy back and one that’s hurting all the time.

Are You Ready to Get the Best Motorcycle Seat Cushions?

Now that you’ve learned about the most comfortable materials, you can choose between motorcycle seat cushions and get one that will keep your buns feeling great. You deserve to go on long rides without having to worry about feeling sore.

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