Meet The Real Craig J

Hello from the office of Wild Ass!  Here is the first of our “Meet the crew!” videos that we posted during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.  Having a booth at J&P Cycles and Black Hills Harley Davidson, requires a bit of orchestrating and I wanted to man both of our booths to make sure that Wild Ass is represented properly and professionally.

That being said, we got this crazy idea to make these videos for each of the people coming to help us.  Who says work can’t be fun right??  Not knowing how these were going to turn out, we decided to use mine and Renae’s as “Test videos” to see what people thought.  Well the response was EPIC and we got them done for everybody!  Except for one…  We ended up with an ‘On the spot’ hire for the last two days of the rally and didn’t get to do a video for her!

You can however, check out our Facebook page and see some pretty awesome photos of our newest recruit hanging out with a couple of global Big Wigs During The Rally at Exit 55!  Not only did she fit right in with the Wild Ass crew, but she had a blast and she’ll be back next year!

I hope you enjoy this, not only as much as they did on Facebook, but as much as we enjoyed making them!!  And oh yeah… rumor has it that there is an “I’ve met The Real Craig J!” T-shirt coming??  Stay tuned!

Like I’ve said in the past, I am always looking for ideas and input from all of you.  Follow the Wild Ass pages on Facebook and Instagram and feel free to send me private messages of what you would like to see.  I will do my best to keep this entertaining!  If any of you would like to write any articles, blogs, testimonials, or anything else, simply email me and let’s make it happen!!  Guest Blogging would be a great addition to the Wild Ass Blog!  It doesn’t even have to be motorcycle related!  Let’s make it ANYTHING, and I will help you out!

Until next time!