One of the most important people in my life would my beautiful fiancee.  She has been here since before the beginning of Wild Ass and is a huge part of everything behind the scenes.

She claims in her video to be “Just an ordinary farm girl”, but I would challenge that.  She is an “Extraordinary farm girl” to say the least.  She is an excellent mother, not only to ALL our children, but like the video says “even the furry ones”!  The animal photos we often post are from the farm where she grew up and her parents still live.  Yes, even the donkeys we use as our sound bites are from the farm!

She is newer than I am  to the industry and as this company grows, she is getting to see more of it!  Some of her favorite parts of this whole lifestyle are traveling to events, getting to speak with all of you, the “Bikers” of the world.  She loves to hear the stories of people’s travels, and to hear of all the things they’ve done.  One of the most motivating things for both of us is to talk to the users of Wild Ass and hear firsthand, how this little company has changed their life and how much more they get to enjoy their rides!

Here it is, the second of the “Meet the Crew!” videos.

Meet Renae


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