Keith Hall’s Post Race Interview!

Our last of the Facebook Live Ice Race videos is Keith Hall’s post-race interview!  Keith open’s up a little and you get the feel in this interview how easy going of a kid he is!

We had a great time at the track and I would like to Thank the entire Hall family for having us out to do the videos!

The greatest thing we learned here is of Wild Ass’ ability to solve yet another problem.  We are often asked at the rallies and shows if the Gel in our Air Gel cushion can be cooled.  It can, and now we also know that it can be warmed!  Putting the cushion over the defroster vents of the truck before the races was a huge help to Keith throughout the day!

I hope you’ve enjoyed these videos, and I would like to have you challenge ME with another seating problem you are having!

“Craig – “Alright!  We’re back!  Live at the Ice Races this is Craig with Wild Ass standing here with Keith Hall.” 

Keith – “Hi!”

Craig – “Keith, you did a great run out there!  Hopefully everybody got to see the video!  Hopefully everybody shares it!  You’ll have to share it later on your page.”

Keith – “I’ll share it on my page too!”

Craig – “Then everybody can kind of see what that looks like from inside the car.  It’s crazy because it doesn’t look that fast from the sidelines, and ya know, it probably doesn’t look that fast on the video but it sure feels fast when you’re in there!”

Keith – “It’s a lot more of an adrenaline rush when you’re in the car for sure!”

Craig – “Yeah it was pretty cool!  And I have to say, I think that was my first time ever as a passenger in an Ice Race car!  That was pretty cool, so thanks for having me along!”

Keith – “You’ve driven though!”

Craig – “I’ve driven! But it’s different when you’re a passenger because you’re just watching going ‘Well, Yeah, I guess I’m at your mercy!'”

Keith – “Yep!”

Craig – “So, everybody at Wild Ass thanks you for taking care of me!”

Keith – “No problem!”

Craig – “So, the first thing we heard you say when we got off the camera, or off the track, because I forgot to, I forgot to shut off the sound, or the live feed.  You said the seat was warm!”

Keith – “Yes, for sure!  Normally, the aluminum seat is very cold in the winter.  It retains the, or it doesn’t sync the heat very well.  And so, when you sit down in it with just jeans on, it freezes the backside of your legs!  And the pad being there for sure helps keep my legs separated from the seat.”

Craig – “That’s kind of cool because that’s something that we never would have thought of.  I’m just trying to figure out, you know, more uses for the Wild Ass Cushion.  We’ve got it sitting on the hood of the car so we can get a little promo shot.  We’ll probably use that on our Facebook page.  Your sponsor Burt Electric will probably like that!  This is the 14 car of Keith Hall.  And, just going to show that seat again quick! That makes a lot of sense when you plug up those holes in that seat, how it is actually going to stop the airflow.  And actually keep it cooler.  Now on a motorcycle we want it a little different.  You’re sitting up off the seat, a little bit of airflow underneath you keeping you cooler when it’s hot out.  But, you know, here, that’s obviously not the case!  So good driving Keith!  Why don’t you tell us a little bit about your car!  Who your sponsors are, and we’ll let you get back to it!  I know you’ve got to get back to the track!  I forgot to say, because I was going to, the reason it took us so long to get to this, there was another race!  We raced in the Navigator class.  You also run the same car in the Soft Rubber class.  And I think, you weren’t leading the whole time, were you?”

Keith – “Nope!”

Craig – “You had to come back from, I think, third at one point to take the win there!”

Keith – “Yeah! I started on the Outside Pole, and after the first lap there, I dropped back to third and had to work my way back up to get the win so.  But the car is a 1993 Honda Civic.  It has a 1.5 liter 4 cylinder in it.  My sponsors are Burt Electric and Northern Family Chiropractic or Dr. Erica.  And those are my only current sponsors.  We have fun out here!  It’s a cheap way to get into racing for sure!”

Craig – “That it is!  One thing, yeah, you can spend, I mean, you can be completely into this sport for under $1,000!”

Keith – “Oh, for sure! Yeah!”

Craig – “Easy!”

Keith – “Yep!”

Craig – “And then all you gotta do is get it here on a Sunday!  Come out, take part, try to take on that guy!  It’s a lot of fun I know!  I’ve done it!  I did it a few years, and I wish I could do it again, but I’m a little busy now!  We’ll let you get back to it!  I know you’ve got to get back up to the starting line so good luck the rest of the day!  We’re going to let you do your thing!”

Keith – “Alright!”

Craig – “Have fun at it!”

Keith -“Thank you!”

Craig- “Thank you!  That’s Craig reporting from Borden Lake!  East of Garrison, Minnesota!  Coming at you live from Wild Ass!  Like the page!  Share the page!  If you’ve got any questions, that’s how we got out here to see Keith!  Is he was asking questions last week while we were live from our show down in Frisco.  We probably won’t be live on the air, or on Facebook here until we have, um, we are down in Daytona for Bike Week!  That’s just a few weeks away!  We will talk to all of you then!  All is well!  Have a great couple weeks!  Thank you for watching!””