Meet Joe Johnson!

Joe is The Tucker rep for a part of the Phoenix Area.  I have gotten to know Joe well over the past 5 or six years through work and can say that Joe has become a good friend of mine in the industry!  He is a great guy and is always working to better not only himself, but his dealer network.  He is on a mission unlike any other I have seen in this industry.  Joe is not only working on his own personal development in the mornings, but he is out training the staff of his dealers on Saturdays!

This is just a small part of a Wild Ass Wednesday video that we shot last time I was in Arizona hanging out with Joe!  This was at D&D Discount Motorcycles in Tempe, Arizona.

“Craig – Okay so, now I’m inside D&D.  This is Joe Johnson, very good Tucker Rep.  Joe say hi to the fans at the Wild Ass FaceBook page! 

Joe – Hello everyone”

Craig – So What town are we in?  Because I don’t remember!

Joe – We are in Tempe Arizona.

Craig – Tempe Arizona.  Iwas just telling them on the video thatit is 97 degrees warmer than when I left home just a few days ago.  So I said these guyshave been a great supporter,  and they have been thanks to you!  You just pointed out to me we’re back in the back shop.

Joe – Right

Craig – Look at this! 

Joe – Yep!

Craig – Not only here!

Joe – Wild Ass on the shelf!

Craig – So tell us a little bit about your territory and what this place does for you.

Joe – Southern Arizona!  The Southeast Metropolitan part of the “Valley of the Sun”, and we are serious motorcycle riders here all year round obviously, so wild-ass is a big part of our riding. And it has been a big part of my riding for a long time.

Craig – Very good!  We’re gonna go up front show you what we find!  Talk to you soon!”

Thank you for watching!