In a van by the river!

Here is a short little video that we shot Saturday Morning, the weekend of the BMW MOA Rally! We shot this for Facebook Live. It seems like we get to sleep in, yet, we are usually the first ones that are all set up and ready for the day! There were threats of some pretty severe weather the night before, so as you hear in the video, we actually took everything down and packed it into the trailer over night. As it turned out, this was actually unnecessary, but I believe in this case, it is better to be safe than sorry!

The rains did however, give us the opportunity to have a van by a river!

“Good Morning! It is Saturday!

We are in Des Moines, Iowa for the BMW MOA rally! There’s Renae back there! Good morning Renae! Right there!

So, last night had some weather rolling in so, as a precautionary measure, we tore everything down, packed it away in the trailer. Got here good and early this Morning, got it all set up! Again, we’re the very first people set up and ready to go.

And now that we’re back, look at that! We’re in a van by the river!”