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Every year, motorcyclists from across the continent head to the “Big 3” national bike weeks: 

  • Daytona Bike Week
  • Laconia Motorcycle Week
  • The Sturgis Rally

For many riders, these festivals are the jewels in the crown of rally season.

While they’re the largest and best-attended, the Big 3 are far from the only popular biker events. Wikipedia lists over 30 “major” American rallies. And, hundreds of bike week locations are listed on Google’s Events pages. 

If you haven’t attended a motorcycle festival before, it’s important to know what you’re getting into.

Learn what you need to do to prepare before a bike week. Then, discover some neat tips and tricks to make this year’s motorcycle rallies your best events yet.

How to Make the Most Out of Bike Weeks: Overview

As a biker, you already know bike weeks are rough, rowdy outdoor events that celebrate the art of the motorcycle. Beyond that, though, they can vary in some key ways.

First, a “bike week” isn’t necessarily a week long. The annual Daytona Beach Bike Week is a ten-day event. Later in the year, Daytona hosts Biketoberfest, which only lasts for four days.

This year, Biketoberfest runs from October 13th to the 16th, 2022. Bike Week in Ohio is earlier in the year, while the High Seas Rally in Pensacola, Florida typically wraps the season.

As you plan to attend events, consider trying out smaller, shorter events first. 

Second, while the festivals are typically free to enter, the cost of popular events, food, and lodging can vary considerably. Research the typical bike week prices for the events you want to attend before your trip. 

With that in mind, try to get more out of your bike week season with these tips and techniques.

Finish Maintenence and Tune-Up Work a Month Prior

The last thing you want is to waste any time trying to track down a mechanic right before the festival. Double-check everything on your bike, from belts to brake pads.

Once you’re on your way, stay prepared. Travel with a spare tire or repair kit so that a surprise flat won’t slow you down. 

Prepare For Crowds

Bike weeks are huge. In 2021, over 550,000 people attended the Sturgis Rally. Even the smaller events can get packed. 

To prepare for all the time you’ll spend navigating the outdoor crowds, bring what you’ll need to keep yourself comfortable:

  • Keep water on hand to stay hydrated
  • Bring motorcycle-safe earplugs
  • Wear durable clothes appropriate for the weather 

Don’t be afraid to strike up conversations with other attendees while you’re hanging out. 

Book Lodging, Tickets Early

At the Big 3, hotels and local AirBnb’s sell out sooner than you’d think. Attendees often book three months in advance. For the top-tier resorts, it’s not uncommon to reserve a room while the festival is still half a year away.

If hotels are sold out, it’s worthwhile to explore campground and trailer park options. 

When it comes to tickets for featured speakers, concerts, or rides, book as soon as you know you want to attend. Events like the Sturgis Rally Medicine Wheel Ride have no maximum capacity, but others require early registration. 

Celebrate In Comfort and Style

This year’s season of bike weeks and rallies is almost halfway over. But it’s not too late to try out some tips—nor is it too early to plant for next year. As you consider the 2023 bike week calendar, dare to be bold—and comfortable.

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