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If you want to join the over 1.5 million American households that own motorcycles, a motorcycle license is a necessary first step to a great ride. Like a driver’s license, this documentation is your ticket to hitting the open roads on your beloved bike.

Read on to learn how you can get a motorcycle license in 2022 and beyond.

Meet Minimum Requirements

Every state has different minimum requirements for motorcycle licensure. You will need to check on the specific requirements for your state. This means looking at the minimum age and what age range will require a parent or guardian’s permission.

You also will likely need to get a motorcycle permit or restricted license before you can get a full motorcycle driver license. Some states like California also require a Class D driver’s permit as well.

States also vary on the training, classes, and tests you’ll need to undergo before getting your license. However, the standard process is generally similar across state lines.

Apply for a Permit

The first thing you’ll usually need to do is get a motorcycle permit. Get your regular driver’s license ready if needed and get a parent/guardian signature if you’re in an age range that requires it.

Once you have these items, you can begin to collect the paperwork to take to your local DMV. Paperwork includes:

  • Your permit application
  • Your social security card/knowledge of the number
  • Your birth certificate
  • Other state-required ID materials
  • Your physical driver’s license (if needed)
  • The fee you’ll need to get your permit (check online for specifics)

Bring all of these documents to the DMV and take the written exam required for a permit. Take and pass a vision test, hand over the required fee, and collect your temporary permit.

Take a Motorcycle Safety Class

Motorcycle safety classes are optional in most states, but they are always a good idea. You’ll learn updated safety requirements for biking on roads and highways. You’ll also learn the rules of the road for motorcycles and how to handle safety hazards while on your hog.

Safety classes will also teach you the parts of a motorcycle, where they are, and how they work. You also may learn what equipment you need to keep yourself comfortable and safe while riding.

Practice Riding Your Motorcycle

At this point, practice riding your motorcycle. Make sure to keep your permit with you at all times. Before you get a full license, you will only be able to drive at certain hours and in certain locations. Do your research about state-specific restrictions and respect the laws.

Apply for Your Motorcycle License

At this point, you can actually apply for your motorcycle license! Collect:

  • Your license application
  • Your permit
  • Your birth certificate and SSN
  • Other state-required documents
  • The fee (varies from state to state)

Take all of this to your local DMV, turn it in, and pay any other testing fees. At this point, you’ll need to take your road skills test as well as a vision test. Get fingerprinted, pay your license fees, and collect a temporary paper motorcycle license.

Your plastic permanent license will be mailed to your address in a few days.

Get Ready to Ride

Once you have a motorcycle license, it’s time to get excited! You can have fun sprucing up your bike, taking it onto mountain trails and highways, or prepping it for off-road adventures.

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Shop for the Motorcycle Seats That Will Suit You

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