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How to Care for a Hot Motorcycle at Spring Thunder Beach Motorcycle Rally 2021

The Spring Thunder Beach Rally is approved, and you’re going to take your ride down to Panama City for an amazing event full of awesome bikes and great weather. We’ve already covered how to prepare for your long-distance bike ride to the event, yet are you ready to compete with the heat?

A hot motorcycle can lead to numerous issues, which means that knowing how to handle riding in hot weather and beat overheating issues is very important.

If You’re ready to learn more about how to handle the heat, then read on and find out more!

1. Avoid Riding During the Hottest Times of the Day

If you or your motorcycle are prone to overheating, then you should avoid riding from noon until 3 PM. This is the hottest time of the day, and when the sun is at its strongest.

You don’t need to worry about missing great weather, as there will still be fantastic weather during the rest of the day. If you ride during the evening and morning, you may also find that the roads are quieter and you have a better experience.

2. Change and Top Up Your Oil

Your motorcycle’s engine oil is key for keeping everything cooled and running smoothly. If you’ve not changed your engine oil in a while, change it before you head for Thunder Beach. You should also check the oil levels and make sure that you have enough.

You should also top off your engine coolant, if necessary.

3. Avoid Riding at High Speeds for Long Periods of Time

Riding at high speeds keeps your engine’s pistons moving, which means that your engine generates more heat. This can lead to overheating, so we’d recommend that you avoid riding at high speeds for too long.

If a long ride is necessary, then take breaks to let your engine cool off occasionally.

4. Stay Hydrated and Wear the Right Gear

You should stay hydrated during your rides. Carry a large bottle of water on your journey and take regular drinks from it.

While it’s tempting to take off some of your protective gear during hot weather, avoid this. You still need all the protection that you can get. If you want to stay cooler, buy some moisture-wicking layers, which help sweat evaporate, keeping you cooler.

5. Know the Warning Signs for Both You and Your Bike

Do you know the warning signs that your bike is overheating? Common signs that your bike is overheating include very hot air around the engine, a decrease in engine power, and a knocking sound coming from your engine. If you notice any of these, pull over and give your bike a break.

You should also keep an eye on your body. Signs of heat exhaustion include feeling sick, feeling faint, sweating a lot, and fatigue. If you start to feel like this, pull over, drink some water, remove your gear, and cool off.

A Hot Motorcycle or a Hot Rider Is a Problem

Got a hot motorcycle or a hot rider? Then you’ve got a problem. Make sure that you take good care of both yourself and your bike during the hot Florida weather, and make the most of Thunder Beach.

Staying cool is just one aspect of being comfortable, though. If you want to avoid the pain and problems that can come from long rides, invest in an ergonomic motorcycle seat cushion.