Is your “Wild Ass” hurting?

When you’re riding a motorcycle, especially for long distances, the manufacturer’s original seat might not be enough to keep you out of pain.  An additional motorcycle seat pad could add a lot of comfort to your ride.

Our motorcycle seat pad has nine variations that allow you to tailor it to the riding you do, not to mention what works for your unique body.

This article looks at how our motorcycle seat cushions improve the riding experience from sitting on just the original seat, or even on an inferior cushion made by one of our competitors.

Standard Motorcycle Seats

Search the Internet, and you’ll be surprised to see how many articles and discussion boards lament the discomfort of motorcycle seats that are original to the bike.

Harley-Davidson, the iconic motorcycle brand, is known for its less-than-comfortable seats.  As one blogger put it, “Nearly every H-D rider who rides seriously will buy an aftermarket seat.  You know why?  Because they are worth every single penny.”

You wouldn’t be alone if you decided to replace the original seat on your Harley—or any motorcycle, for that matter.

Some riders say they’ll even go so far as to replace the original seat with a custom-made seat.  These options can be expensive, and by replacing the seat, you’re gambling that the new one will be better.

But what if it isn’t better than the original?  What if, after investing in it, you find it’s not right for you at all?

This is where motorcycle seat pads enter the picture.

Motorcycle Seat Pads

Purchasing a motorcycle seat pad or cushion gives you the freedom to try it out for a while and get used to its feel.  If you like it, that’s great!  You’ll know what to replace it with when it eventually wears out—which happens faster for some than for others.

If it stops feeling good after miles of riding, you might start looking elsewhere for the “cushion of your dreams.”  At least you won’t have spent much more than a couple hundred dollars finding this out!

A comfortable, long-lasting motorcycle seat pad is one with adequate and adjustable cushioning.  It’s designed with humans’ posterior anatomy in mind and an understanding that certain body parts need more support, and others need more airflow.

We have several respectable competitors making what are affectionately called “motorcycle butt pads.”  Without naming names, certain competitors have seat cushions so similar to ours that we want to shake their hands for their innovative thinking.  Others have extraordinary designs and materials so different from ours that all we can do is admire their ingenuity.

The Original Wild Ass Motorcycle Seat Cushion

For our part, we at Wild Ass offer a choice of three different seat cushion styles and three different material configurations.  All have machine-washable outer seat covers, but that’s one of the few things they have in common.

Seat Cushion Styles

We offer three seat cushion styles.  Each is specific to a particular type of rider or bike, and each comes in three different materials.  All of our cushions consist of air cells that are spaced at intervals to improve airflow and distribute pressure.

The Smart Seat Cushion

The Smart cushion is our most popular seat cushion.  It is wide and rounded at the rear and center and tapers in the front.  That’s where it’s curved to accommodate the saddle and reduce pressure on the genitals.

Healthcare professionals recommend this cushion for those suffering from sciatica, arthritis, and other muscle and joint ailments.


The Sport Seat Cushion

The Sport cushion is a narrower and more streamlined cushion meant for sport, adventure touring, and sport touring.  It’s also popular with non-touring cruiser riders like the smaller Hondas, Yamahas, and Harley-Davidsons.

The Pillion Cushion

We designed this versatile seat cushion to accommodate passengers riding on the pillion “back seat” of the bike).  However, its rectangular shape makes it an excellent choice for other motorcycles, car seats, and even chairs.

All three shapes can be used anywhere you sit and need extra comfort.

Seat Cushion Materials

We have three different cushion materials (or material combinations), each at a different price point.  We do believe, however, that each material meets the needs of particular types of buyers.


Neoprene is our most costly material, as well as our top of the line. It’s a flexible substance that often substitutes for rubber where a more substantial material is needed.  We created it for riders needing a durable product for long hours riding or to provide extra support and dampening of shock and vibration.

Polyurethane and Silicone Gel

Polyurethane is an elastomer, meaning a polymer that’s resilient and flexible.  What could be better for an air-cell cushion?

In this cushion model, the polyurethane cells have silicone gel pockets at the top, which helps with heating, cooling, and circulation.


We should point out that polyurethane is a strong and lasting material on its own.  It’s for those wanting a no-frills motorcycle cushion.  Yet, it will hold up very well under everyday riding conditions.

Our materials mark a clear difference between our motorcycle seat cushion and those of some of our competitors.

A few motorcycle seat pad reviews make a note of the quality of our seat cushions but also point out how expensive they are.  If that’s a criticism, we’ll accept it.

If you buy one of our seat cushions, which range in price from $100 to $225, you’re getting a bargain, considering the high-quality materials and craftsmanship that go into their manufacture.

Into the Wild With Your Wild Ass

If you’re looking for the best motorcycle seat pad, you’ve come to the right place.  We have one essential cushion for you with nine different variations.  Together, these meet the needs of a large variety of motorcycle riders—along with any passengers they might have.

At Wild Ass, we learn from experience—ours, our customers, and those who review our products.  We believe there’s no better way to learn!

The Wild Ass headquarters is in Brainerd, Minnesota, but did you know that we have distributors and retailers on four continents?  That’s a pretty broad reach, wouldn’t you say?

We’re proud to say that Wild Ass has the best motorcycle seat pads on the market today.