In the spring of 2018, we were invited to set up a booth at the Tucker Rocky Biker’s Choice Dealer Brand Expo in Frisco, Texas.  We always love doing shows where we get to train and visit with our reps that are out in the field seeing the dealers in your areas!  This is always a great show and we look forward to it every year!

This video is a real quick run down on how we are different from other products on the market.

“… the Tucker Rocky and Dealer Brand Expo thing here. Coming at you live from the booth! Sorry it took so long getting to you today, but it has been very busy and now we have a chance to take a break. Sorry, my voice is getting a little scratchy!

The question we had yesterday after the set up was from Brian Croft asking how our products differ from other seating products on the market. I believe that was the question.

So, What’s on the market? There’s Gel Cushions, which a lot of people think they want. Gel is one container of Gel. You sit on it, you sink into it, gets sore, gets hot, not good. There’s a Sheepskin product. Sheep lives matter! We don’t want to talk about that. There are beads. I know I have read that a million New York cab drivers can’t be wrong. I think they are.

So how are we different? We float you on a cushion of air. The way it works, we’ll open up this demo cushion so you can take a look. Zoom on in on the cushion here. All of our air cells, when you touch them, looks like they go flat. When you look closer, they’re all talking to each other. The air distributes where it needs to go to keep those two pressure points up off of the seat. So you’re not getting those pressure points. You’re elevated on a slight cushion of air. Nice and stable. Air can flow underneath!

We offer a strapping system that comes that comes with the cushion. Goes through the cover so there are no tabs to tear off if you choose to strap it down. This super grippy bottom does not slide off of your motorcycle seat. That is just a few of the ways that we are way better than anything else on the market.

Two year warranty.

For information, contact your local motorcycle shop. Any reputable Motorcycle/ATVAccessory store can buy Wild Ass products from Tucker Rocky.

Reporting at you from The Tucker Rocky Dealer Brand Expo her in Fort Worth.

Ask more questions! We’ll answer them tomorrow! We’ll talk to you then!”

Thank you for watching this one!