Frequently Asked Questions

The non-slip material on the back of each cushion keeps it from sliding around on your seat while you are sitting on it.  With every cushion you purchase, you receive two elastic straps that connect with hook/loop fasteners at each end.  Wild Ass recommends the use of both straps.  Simply slide the straps under the seat or take the seat off and wrap the straps around the seat and through the four openings in the cover.  Be sure the straps are UNDER the bladder when you do this.

With every cushion, we include a packet containing everything needed for use.  You will receive the user’s manual, two straps, two peel and stick patch repair patches to use in case of a puncture, and of course a Wild Ass sticker.

Each cushion has one valve that you simply twist open and inflate by mouth.  Once your seated on the cushion, twist the valve open to release air.  No tools necessary!

It does not take much air to properly inflate your cushion!  Everyone is different, so we recommend inflating the cushion half way & letting air out from there.  You should not feel the hard points of the seat itself, but you also should not feel as though you are sitting on a bubble and feeling unstable.  In this case, less air is more!  TIP – If you have to adjust your mirrors, you probably have too much air in the cushion.

We understand that for many riders, they don’t want to be raised up off their seat any higher. The amount of air needed for the cushion to function properly will hardly put you ¼ inch higher. You should not need to adjust any mirrors once on the cushion.

However, if you are looking to add some height to the seat, you are always able to put more air in the cushion.

When properly inflated, the interconnected air cells will direct air to the rear of the cushion when you put your legs down. Essentially not interrupting with your ability to touch the ground.

The materials are rider specific and each one provides a completely different feel.  The frequency and duration of your rides will determine which material would benefit you the best.

Our Lite material is a good option for the occasional rider who is on the bike for a few hours throughout the day.  It is perfect for anyone simply looking for relief from the seat.

The Air Gel is a better fit for riders who have multiple comfort needs for short and long rides.  It is a step above the Lite material, being more versatile and providing a more solid feel.  The AirGel is preferred among our adventure riders as the gel will help to dampen vibration. We have found that riders with tailbone issues prefer this material.

The Classic material is the best option for frequent long distance riders who want the best level of comfort.  The medical grade neoprene rubber material is the most flexible material, conforming to best to the body, and absorbing more energy that is otherwise transferred from the road to the rider.  Riders with back issues (e.g. sciatica), often report to have the best results on the Classic material.

The shape that you choose is bike specific; you will want to find the closest fit for the seat you are using it on. We offer the Smart shape for the wider seats, side by side UTVs, office chairs, cars, etc. This cushion is 15.5” x 14”.

The Sport shape is smaller and narrower, tapering towards the front of the cushion. If you plan to use your cushion on multiple bikes, we recommend this shape. This cushion is 12” x 12”.

The Pillion shape is even smaller and rectangular. This cushion is 8.5” x 11.5”.

This is unlikely to ever happen under normal use!  The Lite material is made of Polyurethane, the AirGel is made up of three layers of Polyurethane, and the Classic is made of medical grade neoprene rubber. All of the materials are extremely durable. Of course, we advise you not to use the cushion with any sharp objects in your pocket, but we provide you with peel and stick patch kits to seal a puncture in case of an accident. 

Our cushions are specifically designed to prevent heat or moisture build-up.  The cover is a light weight, breathable polyester material that is slightly perforated to allow air to flow through.  Air also moves between the interconnected air cells in the bladder to keep you cool.

Remember, we are from Minnesota, so our cushions have been exposed to the best and the worst weather conditions!  The cushions are able to withstand the cold and counteract the heat, keeping you cool and dry as you ride.  The cover is made of Polyester, so it might get wet in the rain.  However, it is machine washable and will dry easily & quite quickly.  The bladder is airtight, so a little water will not harm it.

Of course, we encourage it!  You can use the Wild Ass Cushion anywhere you sit! We use them on our office chairs, in the car or truck when we travel, horse saddles, kayaks, etc.  Their versatility makes them priceless!

We love when people visit or call and tell us how their Wild Ass Cushion has completely changed their riding experience! We have all our testimonials on our Youtube channel:

Our cushions are made in an FDA approved wheelchair cushion factory in South Korea.  They are then shipped to the United States where they arrive at our shop in Brainerd, Minnesota.  Each part of every cushion is then checked over, approved, assembled, and made ready to go!

Our cushions are manufactured in an FDA approved wheelchair cushion factory.  The technology behind the design of Wild Ass cushions is used in the medical field.  Every part of a Wild Ass cushion has been carefully designed and shaped by a motorcycle rider; the positioning of the air cells allows the cushion to properly conform to your body and larger cut-outs eliminate pressure where others do not. All of our materials are medical grade, every one of them being Wild Ass exclusive!  We’re not afraid to tell you exactly what each line is made of!  Wild Ass is the only brand with 3 distinct material levels:  our Lite line is a durable polyurethane.  Now, if you’re looking for different, our AirGel line is incomparable. We’re the only company in the world combining Air & Gel to provide a unique feel unlike anything you’ve sat on.  Our Classic line is made of neoprene rubber, the same material used in a therapeutic wheelchair cushion. This material is used in wheelchairs because simply put, “There is no better material for long term seating.”  And besides, who could forget a name like Wild Ass?? 

Should you ever have an issue with your cushion that is through no fault of your own, we will take care of you!  When you purchase a cushion, you receive our personal contact info.  All you need to do is call or email, talk to real people, and we will send a replacement part your way!

Customer Reviews

Very pleased with the quality, durability and comfort
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I saw your product two years ago at the Long Beach, CA motorcycle show. After talking with who I believe is the owner, I ordered the product online. I have had two years with the product and am very pleased with the quality, durability and comfort.
I used Wild Ass Motorcycle Air Cushion and had no problems
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I just did a 3000-mile trip last week with two legs of 1100 miles each. I used Wild Ass Motorcycle Air Cushion and had no problems with my trip.
I will vouch for the comments
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I will vouch for the comments (we have two of them). The seat on our F800GS is narrow and hard - not at all conducive to lengthy rides. Yes, a $500-$800 custom seat could address that, but I think the @therealwildass did as good or better. Better because the air flow keeps you cooler. We met and bought ours at the BMW National in Des Moines 2 years ago and haven’t ridden a day without them since.
Bennett M
A real butt-saver!
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I had previously purchased an AirHawk pad, but ended up losing it before I could really use it much. The problem was the way the AirHawk pad connected to the seat was not very secure. The Wild Ass mounting system mounts much more securely to the bike. I have no worries about it disappearing. And it has a cooler name.