If hopping on your bike and taking a cruise has literally become a pain in the ass, then you’re sorely in need of a seat upgrade.  And you’re not alone.  There are thousands of riders dedicated to increasing comfort on both long and short rides.

But with all of the seat upgrade options out there, which one is right for you?

We’ve broken down some of the pros and cons of using gel in a motorcycle seat pad and showcased the benefits of our own models to show how our gel motorcycle seat has riders back on their bikes for longer rides.  

Feeling pain, numbness, chaffing, and stiffness are not things we want to experience while we’re out having fun, so read on to see why our motorcycle gel seat could work for you. 

Why Use a Motorcycle Air Gel Seat Cushion?

Upgrading your seat with a Wild Ass Ait Gel pad is more cost-effective than a full seat replacement which could set you back hundreds of dollars.

Not only is the Air Gel cost-effective, it will greatly & uniquely improve the comfort of each and every ride from day one.

Riders can often become stiff or sore from long rides.  They can also suffer from pain in their butt or lower back, and even experience numbness.

Health issues like lower back pain or numbness in the tailbone can prevent riders from taking long rides.  An Air Gel motorcycle seat pad can make your rides more enjoyable and less painful.  Who wants to experience pain when they should just be having fun?

Avoiding pain will make each ride more comfortable.  And seriously, the only stiffness a rider should experience is in their drink at the end of the day. 

Motorcycle Air Gel Seat Benefits

An Air Gel pad is designed to spread the rider’s weight out evenly across the whole seat, reducing pressure points that can cause pain while riding.  No pressure points means no numbness. 

Unlike a standard motorcycle gel pad, the Wild Ass AirGel conforms to your body which means there’s no break-in period like there is on a stock seat. 

The gel will absorb a shock and vibration caused by bumps in the road as well as the engine so you can expect a smoother ride.

Our gel seat pads are designed to increase airflow, which will keep you cooler in hotter temperatures.  Sweat leads to chaffing, so keeping cool is also essential to reduce chaffing. 

If/when you move the air under the gel in the seat is constantly moving from cell to cell as the rider shifts their weight.  This keeps pressure even and increases circulation which reduces numbness and sore spots. 

Because of the increased circulation and reduced pressure points, you’ll find yourself stoping less frequently on longer rides.  Stopping to stretch your legs, and give your butt a break won’t be necessary as often with a gel motorcycle seat. 

Our seat pads can be used with or without the air.  If you wish to feel more connected to the bike, you can remove the air through the valve and still have some added cushion from the gel. 

And the Cons

Low-quality gel seat pads have a reputation of being temperature sensitive.  They behave pretty much like freezer packs, which can make taking a seat on your bike pretty interesting, and very uncomfortable. 

In cold temperatures, the inferior gel can freeze and harden, rendering the seat un-useable. In hot temperatures, the seat can bubble up and lose its integrity.  It can even ruin the seat itself. 

Gel seats also tend to be a little on the heavy side.  Not ideal if you prefer to travel light. 

Our Kick-Ass Models

All of our Air Gel seat models are made with three layers of polyurethane, a step up from the Wild Ass Lite model.  In addition, each air cell contains a gel pad that provides a good amount cushioning that our customers look for.

The wide, low-profile air chambers create a stable seating surface, and the space between air cells increases airflow for reduced heat build-up.  Take a look at the seat construction to get a better understanding. 

The non-slip material on the bottom of each cover prevents the pad from slipping around and it can be tied down with two straps that are included with the cushion. 


This model is a good fit for most large metric cruisers, adventure touring bikes, Harleys, Indians, and even sport touring bikes.

It boasts a wide front to back cut out which reduces pressure points on the tailbone, prostate, and scrotum.  The tapered front and back air cells create an optimal fit over the rise of seat contours.

Like switching from briefs to boxers, switching to this gel seat pad is a smart choice.


The Sport model is what you want for most non-touring Harleys, Indians, small metric cruisers,  dual-sport, as well as sport touring and adventure touring bikes.  The six-inch front is designed to match the narrow seat profile found on a lot of those bikes. 

This is also a good fit for the back seat in many cases.

As with our Smart model, the back is cut out to leave room for your tailbone, and the front tapered cells fit the contour of your seat and provide easy leg passage. 


The Pillon model is a universal fit for most motorcycle pillion seats.  It’s 9″ x 11.5″ x 2″ dimensions can be used either long ways or short ways across the seat. 

This is a good option for very short or narrow saddles. 

Now Hit the Open Road

Whether cruising around town or venturing on a long scenic ride, we all know comfort is essential.

A motorcycle Air Gel seat is a cost-effective option for increasing your comfort and enjoyment of each ride.  With models for different bikes and a fully adjustable air system, you are sure to find a cushion that works for you.

We are here to answer any questions you may have, so if you’re ready to equip your bike with a motorcycle Air Gel seat pad, head on over to our website to learn where to find us