Day 1 from Bikeweek 2018

In and around Bruce Rossmeyer’s Harley-Davidson in Ormond Beach, FL, there are over 100 vendors set up displaying and selling their products to bikers from all over the world!  Ormond Beach is just North of Daytona, and the area that we are in is actually called “Destination Daytona”.  It’s a great spot to go and get out of all of the “Down town shenanigans” and see some pretty cool stuff!  Here is the first video that was shot on Facebook Live from the Lot at J&P Cycles during the 2018 Daytona Bikeweek!

“Good Morning Facebook!  Coming at you from Daytona, this is morning one of Bike Week!  I’m going to show you where we’re at!  We’re at the J&P cycles lot in Destination Daytona, where everybody likes to come and check out the goods!  So I’m going to flip the camera around.  This is the entrance if you’re walking into J&P Cycles.  If you walk in through that entrance you’re gonna come right up to the Wild Ass tent.  The Wild Ass tent is going to be just down from Hog Works, and Klock Werks is right across the road from us.

We got one question that we have to answer from one of our previous live videos, where Diane would like to know a little bit more about the materials of the Wild Ass product.  We’ll come at you live when I have a camera man at the top of the hour, and fill you in on that stuff.  So good morning from Daytona!  It’s about 20 minutes to the top of the hour, which is 10 o’clock here, Eastern Time.  And of course earlier if you’re way out West.  Then you better head this way!

Bikeweek, day 1 coming at you from J&P.

We’ll talk to you in just a few minutes!”