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Choosing the Right Motorcycle Riding Gear for All-Weather Conditions

According to a recent report, the motorcycle apparel market is expected to be worth well over $100 billion within the next 5 years. With more people riding motorcycles than ever before, there is so much motorcycle riding gear being sold every year.

This will be great news for you seeing as how it’ll give you access to a gigantic selection of motorcycle riding gear for men and women. But it might also make it a little challenging to find the best motorcycle riding gear.

Furthermore, it can make it difficult to track down the right motorcycle riding gear for all weather conditions. We’ve created a guide to help you out. It features motorcycle riding gear you’ll need to have handy at all times.

Check it out below.

Start by Investing in the Essentials

There are a few essential items that you’re going to need to wear no matter what the weather is like outside when you’re on a motorcycle. You should start by buying this motorcycle riding gear.

We’re talking about things like:

  • A motorcycle jacket
  • Motorcycle pants
  • Motorcycle gloves
  • Motorcycle boots
  • And, of course, a motorcycle helmet

If you have the option to buy waterproof versions of any or even all of these items, you should do it. It might cost you slightly more money, but it’ll be well worth it. It’ll ensure your motorcycle riding gear isn’t affected by rain, snow, or any other forms of moisture.

Pick Up a Waterproof Rainsuit

As we just alluded to, you’re welcome to buy waterproof versions of most of the regular motorcycle riding gear. But there might be times when you find yourself riding on your motorcycle during torrential downpours.

In this case, you’ll also want to have a waterproof rainsuit that you can throw over the rest of your clothing. It’ll repel almost all the rainwater that you’ll come into contact with while you’re out on your motorcycle.

Shop for Cold Weather Motorcycle Riding Gear

If you know that you’re routinely going to be riding around on a motorcycle when it’s freezing cold outside, there is cold weather motorcycle riding gear you’ll want to buy. It’ll include things like:

  • Neck gaiters
  • Windbreakers
  • Leather jackets, pants, etc.
  • Warm gloves and hand warmers
  • Heated motorcycle riding gear

Generally speaking, you’ll want to shy away from ever riding around on your motorcycle in the snow. It could lead to you experiencing traction issues.

But you’re free to ride around in the cold if you want. You’ll just want to be sure you have the right cold weather motorcycle riding gear for the occasion.

Make Sure Your Motorcycle Has the Right Seat Cushion, Too

Getting your hands on the right motorcycle riding gear will be very important. It’ll keep you comfortable when you’re on your motorcycle, regardless of what the weather might be like.

A motorcycle seat cushion will also keep you comfortable throughout all your motorcycle rides. Wild Ass sells a variety of motorcycle seat cushions that you should work to secure before you begin heading out on a motorcycle all the time.

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