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Are you a new or experienced motorcycle rider? Does your seat give you a comfortable ride no matter the distance? If you answered, “No”, it’s time for a new bike seat.

You don’t have to settle or “put up with” the pain. Get a seat to fit your body’s needs. Keep reading to learn what to look for in a great motorcycle seat.

What Affects Motorcycle Comfort?

There are several reasons that contribute to seat discomfort. If you like to take long rides, you don’t want to be uncomfortable. The following describes issues that impact seat comfort.

One study looked at how vibration and static factors affect motorcycle seat problems. Static factors include pressure, position, shape, size, and other seat features. They found that keeping vibrations in the seat low eliminates this as a reason for discomfort.

Each person has a unique body structure, shape, and weight. This means that one seat style will not fill all. If your seat doesn’t meet your body’s needs, your probably not going to feel relaxed.

While hard seats may be attractive, they can cause pain. Without the proper padding, you’ll feel pressure, lack of blood flow, and numbness. In short, you’ll feel like you’re sitting on a rock and heaven forbid you hit a bump.

If the seat isn’t designed for your weight, it may not have adequate padding to prevent pressure. Some seat styles have very shape edges that can dig into your body. This can lead to pain and even cuts or sores.

Optimizing the Comfort of Your Motorcycle Bike Seat

So, what should you look for when shopping for a motorcycle seat? Check out this guide.

Often, wide, low-profile seats offer more stability. Be sure your weight is evenly spread across the whole seat to prevent pressure points.

Look for seats made with air chambers. This design allows air to continuously move between the cushion’s cells.

This improves blood flow, decreases vibration, absorbs shock, and prevents numbness. These air cells also disperse heat and moisture.

Men often feel more comfortable in seats with a wide cut out between the front and center back. You may also consider a front-end concave seat or back-end cut-out design. These styles decrease pressure on the prostate, tailbone, and scrotum.

You should feel comfortable when you sit down. Spend some time trying out the different styles before making a final decision. A properly fit seat will allow you to move your legs forward and backward without obstruction.

Don’t Put Up with an Uncomfortable Motorcycle Seat Anymore

Discomfort shouldn’t be viewed as the norm for motorcycle riders. If you’re not comfortable, you need a new bike seat. Wild Ass Motorcycle Air Cushions will deliver miles of smiles.

Our proven innovative seat pads use interconnected air cell technology. This removes painful pressure points and promotes circulation. These cushions absorb shock, reduce vibration, and decrease heat and moisture.

We also offer products to help you maintain your seat and extend your total comfort. Click here today to find a Wild Ass seller.

Find a Seat

When looking for top-notch motorcycle seat comfort, the inner workings are more important.  Look for materials that stay durable and pliant even after years and miles have taken their toll.

Take a look at our shop and check out how we deliver a unique level of comfort for your ride.

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