At the Ice Races in Minnesota – Part 1

In response to a question on a Facebook post, we decided to take our Wild Ass Smart Air Gel out to the race track and let it do the talking! This is the intro video to that day spent on the lake with Keith Hall where we got to really check things out!

“All right, here we are live! I’m going to jump up on this trailer here and show you a little bit about where we’re at!

We are just West of Garrison, Minnesota! If you want to look at a map, we’re right near that huge lake you see in the center. That’s called Mille Lacs! It’s made famous by the movie Fargo! We’re not on Mille Lacs, but we are not far away.

So anyway, Daytona 500 Sunday! Last week you may have watched us from the Tucker Rocky Biker’s Choice Brand Expo down in Frisco, Texas. Well now we are in, like I said, just west of Garrison. A little bit of a climate change. I’m going to spin the camera around here so you can see we are at the ice races. This is what we do up in Minnesota when we’re bored, and it’s you know, still not summer! So we’re on about two feet of ice. All these vehicles parked here, 2 feet, 24 inches to 30 inches of ice. We’ve got all these trucks, and trailers, and cars parked here!

Last week we got a question on our post for fitment application. Wondering if this would fit on a Kirkey seat. So I’m out here at the ice races and we’re gonna do this as best we can. Meet Keith Hall!

Craig – “Keith”

Keith – “Hows it going?”

Craig – “You do this every week right?”

Keith – “Yes. Every week!”

Craig – “Every week! How old are you Keith?”

Keith – “I’m 20 years old.”

Craig – “20?”

Keith – “20.”

Craig – “Jeez I remember him when he was 8 believe it or not! And I see Judy Igo just chimed in! You remember them from over in Wisconsin?

Keith – “I do remember them, yes!”

Craig – “They remember when you were just a little guy too!”

Keith – “Another Keith”

Craig – “Another Keith! Keith Igo! You’re very good at that! You remember that! So, we are looking at your car. You were asking about a Kirkey seat. This is your car. When you sent me that post, I said ‘I don’t even know what a Kirkey seat is.’ But we decided that we were going to show everybody that the Wild Ass Cushion is not just for motorcycles! You can use this thing anywhere! So what we brought is the Air Gel for a couple reasons. I think in your post you said it was cold.”

Keith – “Very very cold!”

Craig – “So our logic here is we’re going to use this cushion. And I’ve gone through the setup process with Keith. So go ahead and get it ready for your car. So what we’re doing is, we’re squeezing half of the air out of this. And the reason I brought the gel seat, is we are going to put this in his truck and let it get toasty warm! So actually when he sits on his Kerkey seat it is not super cold. So we’ll close the valve. We’re not gonna throw it in the cover right yet, but here is the Kerkey seat and the application. You can see it fits. This is not a motorcycle seat. That’s a Kerkey race car seat folks! So we’re gonna get in there, have Keith sitting on that thing during the races!”

Craig – “And I’m trying to turn this thing back around and I guess I was invited to go along for a ride so we might do that right?”

Keith – “Yes so first heat of the Navigator we’ll have you ride along with me.”

Craig – “So Navigator class. What is Navigator Keith? Tell us.”

Keith – “The Navigator is just a soft rubber tire that is all cut up. And stock suspension and everything. And then you get to have a person riding along with you. One person in the vehicle with you while you’re racing!”

Craig – “It’s actually a requirement to be in the Navigator class correct?”

Keith – “Yes. Yes in navigator class you have to have another person with you in the passenger seat.”

Craig – “And I get to be that guy!” So let’s ah, you talked about the tires a little bit. You know what? Not everybody’s from these cold parts of the country! Let’s show them what this thing is. So Keith is gonna, you know, very race car like, put the steering wheel back on the seat, or on the shaft and turn the wheel! This is a Bridgestone Blizzak tire right?”

Keith – “Yep!”

Craig – “So we probably shouldn’t show your secrets but, this stuff here? Look at how soft that is! Let me take my glove off! Super super soft tires to grab the ice, and get us around the track as fast as possible! We’re just gonna see how it goes right?”

Keith – “Yes we will!”

Craig – “All right, well? Wish us luck! Give us thumbs up! Scream and holler! Share this video with everybody you know! You’re gonna watch us racing live, in I don’t know, half an hour so? Maybe? It’s like the Daytona 500 except way cooler!”

Keith – “Yes and a lot less organized!”

Craig – “Yeah we like that! We like that! All right, thank you Keith! Thank you everybody for tuning in! We’ll check you out in a little bit! Have a good day!””