Motorcycle Seat Cushion

Are Motorcycle Seat Cushions Worth the Money?

There’s nothing quite as exhilarating as riding in the open air on your motorcycle. The average motorcycle enthusiast will travel between 200 to 400 miles a day on their bike.

That’s a lot of time on a motorcycle seat which can get uncomfortable quickly. Adding a motorcycle cushion seat can make all the difference.

If you’re wondering whether cushion seats for motorcycles are worth the money, we can help!

Here are some of the pros of using motorcycle seat cushions.

A More Comfortable Ride

As you ride your bike, your body is getting bumped and jolted along the way. These shocks and vibrations can take a toll on your body, especially your backside.

With a quality seat cushion, you’ll experience a more comfortable ride. It minimizes shocks and vibrations, leaving you with less pain and numbness at the end of the day.

Better Weight Distribution

Poor weight distribution across a motorcycle seat can lead to major discomfort. Regardless of your weight, uneven weight distribution can affect the quality and stability of your ride.

One of the best ways to improve stability and weight distribution is by using a seat cushion. They help distribute your weight evenly and prevent pressure point pain and discomfort.

Increased Circulation

A good motorcycle seat cushion assists with circulation. Connected air chambers move air throughout the cushion, reducing the pressure on your backside.

With good circulation, there’s less pressure. This results in a more comfortable ride with less muscle strain and numbness.

Better Ventilation

After a long ride, you don’t want to get off your bike with sweaty, damp jeans. Solid motorcycle seats retain heat and prevent ventilation. This can get very uncomfortable, especially on hot days.

A well-made motorcycle seat cushion is breathable and provides better seat ventilation and overall comfort. Circulating air is cooling.

It draws the heat away from your body and helps evaporate moisture.

Unique Design

Basic seat cushions are pretty generic. They are usually a one-size-fits all kind of design. They’re not made for your specific motorcycle seat.

They may help some, but they won’t be very secure or comfortable on long rides. Choose a motorcycle seat cushion that’s designed with your bike in mind.

This allows for more seamless integration, better fit, and a greater level of comfort.

Buy the Best Motorcycle Seat Cushion

If your favorite hobby is riding your motorcycle, you want to be as comfortable as possible. Generic seat cushions may help, but there’s nothing like the comfort of a top-quality motorcycle seat cushion.

Wild Ass is all about comfort and functionality. Our innovative seat pads provide air cell technology to deliver comfort for every mile.

With a range of styles and products, you’re sure to find just what you need to experience short or long rides in total comfort.

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