Without the right seat cushion on your bike, riding can become quite difficult. You love to ride but you hate the pain that comes with it.

If you’re looking for a way to negate the pain you get from riding your motorcycle, then you need to find the right seat cushion for the job.

Those expensive, fancy seats won’t do the trick. You need a cushion with the technology and padding to take the stress off of your pelvis and tailbone.

Here is an in-depth guide describing why Wild Ass has the best seat cushion for your riding comfort needs.

1. Reduces Pressure Points

In order to reduce the amount of pressure placed on the coccyx, tailbone, ischial tuberosities (IT’s), or pelvis, you need to distribute the weight.

Typical motorcycle seats don’t spread your weight as needed, so the pressure points remain on your tailbone and IT’s with little or no relief.

In order to get your weight and pressure distributed, you need a seat cushion that’s shaped differently, providing more support to certain areas.

With the Wild Ass air seat technology, you won’t have chronic pain that develops in those high-tension areas. The seat uses ten to twelve different pad zones to support the natural position of your tailbone and pelvis, reducing the amount of pressure and shock it absorbs.

2. Proper Dimensions

The average measurement of a human’s IT’s is only 135 millimeters, or 5 inches wide. Yet it’s tasked with absorbing bounce after bounce as you ride on your favorite bike each day.

In order for the seat cushion to provide as much support to your body, it needs to match the style of your motorcycle seat while dishing out padding for your tailbone.

For example, most sporty motorcycles such as Sport Bikes, Sport Touring bikes or smaller Harley Davidson motorcycle seats have seats that are as narrow as 6 inches wide. 

The Wild Ass Sport seat cushion covers the entirety of that seat. It also provides specialized air pad cells that can take away any contact the tailbone would usually have to endure.

Better yet, there are three different models (Smart, Sport, and Pillion) that you can purchase to fit the exact dimensions of whatever bike type you ride.

3. High-Quality Materials

No matter what seat cushion style you choose or what style of bike you’re riding, you want to match yourself up with high-quality materials.

Wild Ass gives you many different options by offering their Smart, Sport, and Pillion models in Neoprene Rubber, Polyurethane, or Polyurethane and Gel.

No matter which one you chose, you’ll be given the same amount of air pad cells to get more cushion to the areas that need it most.

The different dimensions will help you absorb the pressure and shock as you ride, giving you more comfort on your longer rides. Gone are the days of shifting your weight back and forth as you cruise down the road. Now you’ll be sitting pretty for as long as you ride!

4. No Added Height

Some motorcycle riders trade one discomfort for another. By purchasing an overly-padded seat cushion, they gain an inch or two as they ride.

That extra inch can cause them to bend their spine more significantly in order to reach the handlebars to ride. 

While they might not be experiencing pain in their hips or tailbone any more, they will start to feel discomfort in their lower back. Even worse, the lower back will start to absorb most of the shock from the ride.

With the Wild Ass ergonomic design, you will only gain up to 1/4 inch of height when it’s properly inflated.

That way, you can sit on the bike as the manufacturer intended you to and have the seat spread your weight throughout your body and away from your spine.

5. Conforms to Your Body

Many other name brand seat cushion companies ignore sound science when making their designs. They try to add as much cushion as possible without focusing on the importance of their cushion’s design.

Wild Ass motorcycle cushions are produced and manufactured in an FDA-approved wheelchair cushion factory.

It’s designed to withstand a longer sit time than even the most dedicated of bike riders.

In other words, the same technology that Wild Ass uses in its motorcycle seat cushions is used in the medical field for those unable to walk.

The secret is in the pad cells and air bladders. They allow constant airflow in the cushion so that it can support your body any which way that you move.

6. Reduced Contact With the Tailbone

This may very well be the area where most other seat cushion manufacturers fail their clients.

In its natural state, the tailbone isn’t meant to have pressure placed on it from underneath. The only way to reduce the stress on your tailbone is to remove as much pressure from it as possible.

Because of that, Wild Ass cushions contain a cut out on the back end of their design to minimize the contact with the tailbone and maximize support around it. 

The front concave in the cushion provides the same support to your scrotum, reducing as much pressure and stress to it as it can.

Purchase the Best Motorcycle Seat Cushion in the Industry Today!

Now that you’ve seen all the ways Wild Ass cushions infuse technology and human anatomy, it’s time to purchase the best seat cushion for your riding.

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