About Us

As pioneers in the realm of motorcycle seating solutions, Wild Ass is driven by a passion for enhancing riders’ experiences. With a commitment to cutting-edge technology, they have revolutionized the concept of comfort on two wheels.

Explore the journey that led to the creation of their renowned air cushion systems, designed to provide optimal support and alleviate pressure points during long rides.

How did Wild Ass come about?

To learn more, we have to go back in time before Wild Ass was even a thing.

I am Craig Johnson, a resident of Minnesota, USA. I am the guy on the left! Let me introduce you to Scott Parman! Scott is a resident of Northern Italy. Both Scott and I were sales managers for ROHO, a global leader in medical technology that distributes pressure, providing patients unmatched protection while seated long term. We handled their motorcycle product sales.

Scott had a territory that covered Europe, and I covered North America. In 2015 the job that we both had intended retiring from was sold without notice. This left both of us trying to figure out what we were going to do since neither of us had a Plan B. Being motorcycle enthusiast with decades of industry experience, we teamed up and came out with a seat cushion that is actually made in a wheelchair cushion factory using medical materials using our own patented designs.

Customer Reviews

Very pleased with the quality, durability and comfort
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I saw your product two years ago at the Long Beach, CA motorcycle show. After talking with who I believe is the owner, I ordered the product online. I have had two years with the product and am very pleased with the quality, durability and comfort.
I used Wild Ass Motorcycle Air Cushion and had no problems
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I just did a 3000-mile trip last week with two legs of 1100 miles each. I used Wild Ass Motorcycle Air Cushion and had no problems with my trip.
I will vouch for the comments
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I will vouch for the comments (we have two of them). The seat on our F800GS is narrow and hard - not at all conducive to lengthy rides. Yes, a $500-$800 custom seat could address that, but I think the @therealwildass did as good or better. Better because the air flow keeps you cooler. We met and bought ours at the BMW National in Des Moines 2 years ago and haven’t ridden a day without them since.
Bennett M
A real butt-saver!
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I had previously purchased an AirHawk pad, but ended up losing it before I could really use it much. The problem was the way the AirHawk pad connected to the seat was not very secure. The Wild Ass mounting system mounts much more securely to the bike. I have no worries about it disappearing. And it has a cooler name.