A simple inflation video from Daytona’s 2018 Bike Week!

Here is another Facebook Live video from Bike Week in 2018!  This is an inflation video that is answering the question of inflation.  This is a common question that I love to answer for people.  Once you get it right, there really is nothing better at keeping you comfortable.  If you are ever at an event, and have a question, I will be happy to help you get your cushion right for you.

Alright! HAHA!!  We are back from Daytona.  We’ve got a little technical difficulty, but we got ‘er figured out! We’re recording now!

So, sorry for the delay!  Anything live, you’re going to expect some difficulties.  But they’re not difficulties here at Bike Week because we got busy with customers.  That’s really why we’re here, is to sell product!

Brian sent us a question yesterday.  Tagged it in the video.  So if you are watching the video, share this video.  Let everybody know about it.  Tag it.  Tag us in it.  Tag all of your friends!  Brian sent us a video, Brian Trader Guy Croft, had a question about inflation. 

So, you always want to have it properly inflated.  The way these things work is by air.  So, to inflate it, no tools necessary, I’m way too lazy to be carrying that around!  Open the valve.  Open it up. They take very little air. 

To adjust the inflation, typically you’ll be sitting on the seat.  And then we’ll get a better view of the valve here.  So you’ll sit on this seat, and you’ll feel that it has too much air in it.  So you’ll open the valve while you’re seated, and let some of that air out.  What we recommend here at the rally, and when we talk to people on the phone, always start with about half of the air in the cushion.  So you’ll sit on it.  All the air will distribute through the cushion, level itself off, and it’ll feel quite a bit better than when it’s full. 

So, once they’re properly inflated, actually when they shape to fit your seat, or they shape to fit your butt to the seat.  We just did one for a guy here a few minutes ago, for a guy that we didn’t have time to video.  So we actually folded it in half, and then squeezed the air out of this front cell as well.  And that seemed to be the right amount of inflation for himself, or for him.  On my personal bike, I usually have about four cells worth of air in there.  You’ve really got to not be afraid to let air out.  The less air the better.  The more comfortable you’re going to be. 

One concern is always height.  “This is going to raise me up, I can’t touch the ground.”  The thing is, when this is properly inflated, you don’t have to adjust your mirrors.  If you have to adjust the mirrors on your bike, you have too much air in the cushion. 

So, a very small amount of air.  No concern of lifting you up.  You’ll be barely off your seat.  And with the air transfer through the Wild Ass cushion, when you sit on that seat and you go to put your feet down, you’re pushing the air to the back of the cushion. You can still reach the ground. Everything is good, and you get to have a great ride, and you’ll be comfortable. 

Thank you for watching!  Share this video!  Tell it to your friends!  Comment with questions!  I am looking forward to hearing what you guys have to ask!  And I’ll be happy to answer you tomorrow, on Saturday, Day two, from the J&P Cycles lot in Destination Daytona, Florida.”