A run through of the Wild Ass Cushion Materials

In another Facebook live video from Daytona Bike Week, we answered a question submitted by Diane.

Diane was wondering the differences in the materials, so in this short video, I went through the Lite, Air Gel, and Classic materials.  Having three variations in each shape is what really sets Wild Ass apart from the competition.  We can better focus on the problems experienced in long term seating.  Only Wild Ass has the ability to hone in on your unique situation, financially, and with an unmatchable level of comfort.

“All right!  We are back from Daytona!  It is about 50 degrees out so yeah I’m wearing a jacket.  So to my Minnesota friends, I’m not going to complain!

So I want to talk a little bit about materials.  Diane had a question last video asking me to explain the materials a little bit.  We’ll touch on them here.  If any of you have questions, feel free to comment on this video and I’ll get back to you, and we’ll shoot that tomorrow to answer any questions you have.  Like, share this video!  Spread the word!  Let’s let everybody in the Facebook world know that Wild Ass is a thing!

So all of you motorcycle guys, if you’re doing some riding, you get those two pressure points, you get sore when you’re riding a long ways, or if you sit at a desk, or as you probably have seen in previous posts, on a snowblower.  We can be used anywhere to get rid of those two pressure points, allow you to sit longer, more comfortably.  So to talk a little bit about materials, we’re going to start off with our entry-level product, which, right here is our Lite material.  It’s a polyurethane material.  It’s very durable.  It does a good job of distributing pressure.  I always recommend the Lite material for guys that ride typically 200 – 250 miles a day. That’s where the Lite material really shines.  It takes all those pressure points off and keeps you quite a bit more comfortable. Our next level up is the Air Gel. This is actually three layers of polyurethane with gel padding in each one.  So what we’ve done different than a conventional gel pad?  You get a lot of people that say “Man, I tried a gel, it just didn’t really do anything for me!”  With our cushion we have individual gel pads on the top of each of these air cells.  What that does, it doesn’t ask any one of the gel pads to do the work.  The air underneath is distributing the pressure, giving you that little bit of padding in the gel.  Our top-of-the-line material is neoprene rubber.  This material here is actually a medical-grade neoprene rubber. 

The factory that makes all of our stuff, makes wheelchair cushions. This right here is what’s used in a therapeutic wheelchair!  We’re the only company in the U.S. doing either of these.  We’re the only company in the world doing Air Gel for motorcycle seats!  The benefit to the neoprene rubber, if you got, if you’re a guy that rides, you know, five to seven, nine hundred miles a day, this is definitely what you’re going to want to be sitting on!  This material stretches!  It’s the only one like it!  So you can actually see it stretches!  What that does.  It absorbs the energy and the vibration, and the road cracks, and those bridge expansion joints.  It takes that energy, disperses it out the side of the cushion before it transfers directly up your back!  So by far, the best material that we offer!  So we got the Classic material, which is neoprene rubber.  The Air Gel, which is a combination of polyurethane and gel.  And the Lite material.  Those are the three materials.

That’s our entire line.  We have three different shapes.  We’ve got the Smart shape, the Sport shape, and the Pillion.  So basically, what you do is you grab your seat, take a look at it.  If you have to, you can send it to us in a message.  We can tell you which material, which seat, is going to be best for you, both financially, and comfort wise.  Coming in the cover.  With straps, if you choose to strap it to your seat!

That’s the whole deal.  Sit on it, enjoy the ride!  That’s it for now!  Coming from Daytona!  We’ll look at doing another video tomorrow.  Again, if you have any questions, you want some stuff answered, type it in the comments! We look forward to hearing from you! 

Thank you!”