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This video was a fun one.  On a day where we had no one showing up to help work the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, I wanted to stay in practice making the “Meet the Crew!” videos.  So. I decided in this one to let you all know just how important Asses are out in the world.

I didn’t know this until about five or six years ago, but asses are actually used by farmers and ranchers to protect the herd animals.  They will actually run down and purposely trample predatory animals. A Fox or a Coyote will actually fall victim to an ass when coming to hunt the herd of cattle or horses on a farm.

When trained asses are also versatile and hardy: They work as farm and pack animals as well as saddle mounts, and “work” animals.  On the farm they are highly valued and treasured for their intelligence and gentleness.  They are sensitive and generally love people.

So think of this for  a minute…  Asses protect your herd, and can be trained to help out…

A wild Ass Air Cushion will not only protect your ass, but be fine tuned to keep you comfortable…