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With the United States and the rest of the world locked down due to Covid-19, people are yearning for freedom. For many, the path to freedom is taken on a motorcycle. Drivers can enjoy the clear skies and fresh air on a new motorcycle.

Motorcycles were increasingly popular before the pandemic. From 2002 to 2018, motorcycle registrations nearly doubled from 4.2 to 8.3 million in the United States.

Now, cities like London are seeing 30%-plus surges in motorcycle registrations.

There are many great reasons for you to buy a motorcycle. Explore 9 reasons that are certain to convince you to buy one in the near future.

1. Break Free from Covid-19

Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, it seems there are restrictions everywhere you go. Bars and restaurants still have limited capacity.

Many sports stadiums do not have fans. Movie theaters and other entertainment venues remain closed. It seems like there are few things to do.

One place where the coronavirus does not spread is the open road. It is scientifically proven that being outdoors lowers the risk of virus transmission. Also, it is much easier to socially distance from your friends while outdoors.

2. Social Life

Buying a motorcycle is like entering a brave new world. Motorcycles are not just a vehicle, they are a lifestyle choice. You become a part of a greater community as a motorcycle owner.

People from all over the country embrace this lifestyle. It is easy to find a local riding club or biker’s group. Here, people meet up to show off their motorcycles and hang out.

Motorcycle ownership is a great way to make friends. You can bond over a common hobby. Bikers like to show off custom modifications and their new gear.

At the end of the day, it boils down to a simple biker’s wave or head nod. Exchanging a wave or nod with another biker is an acknowledgment of belonging to this special group.

3. Environmentally Friendly

There is worldwide concern over climate change. Large SUVs and pickup trucks emit heavy doses of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases, like carbon dioxide, are the driving force behind climate change.

The fact is that motorcycles are better in the fight against global warming than other vehicles on the road. Experts agree that motorcycle engines are more efficient than a typical automobile engine. They estimate that motorcycles emit about half the carbon dioxide as a passenger vehicle.

4. Comfort

Many people are under the false impression that motorcycles are not comfortable. Without wide seats and oversized back support, they cannot fathom that motorcycles are comfortable.

Motorcycle design engineers understand these consumer concerns and have responded accordingly. One design change is a seat cushion with interconnected air cell technology.

These motorcycle seat cushions conform to the rider’s shape and weight. They relieve pressure points and have shock absorption technology.

In addition, today’s motorcycle seats reduce vibration, heat, and moisture. This makes for a pleasant trip and motorcycle owners can ride comfortably for hours on end.

5. Fuel Economy

A gallon of gas takes you farther on a motorcycle. The average motorcycle has a fuel economy of 40 miles per gallon (mpg). The most fuel-efficient motorcycles can get up to 60 mpg.

This means that your new motorcycle may get twice the gas mileage as a passenger vehicle. For the motorcycle owner, increased fuel efficiency means more money in your pockets. With this type of fuel savings, you will be asking where can I buy a motorcycle helmet in short order.

6. Thrills

While motorcycles are practical, they are also fun and exciting. Riding a motorcycle on the open highway is a thrilling experience.

Many people believe that it is comparable to flying a small jet. They enjoy traveling at high speeds with the wind in their face. The views on a motorcycle are unparalleled as there are no obstructions.

There are different types of motorcycles depending on your style. Some riders enjoy Harley Davidson cruisers. Others prefer Hondas that are made for speed and agility.

7. Improve Your Mental and Physical Health

We have all fell victim to driver hypnosis. You are driving down a quiet road at night and your eyelids are heavy.

This is less likely to happen when you ride a motorcycle. As a motorcyclist, you have to be more engaged than a traditional passenger vehicle. You do not have the air conditioning lulling you to sleep.

In fact, studies show a link between motorcyclists and increased brain activity. You have to make many rapid decisions. There is a long-term benefit to your cognitive functions as a result.

Riding a motorcycle is therapeutic, meaning it is great for your mental health. Also, there are benefits to your physical health as balancing a motorcycle requires the use of core muscles. This is opposed to driving a traditional passenger vehicle, which yields very few health benefits if any.

8. Ease of Maintenance

Motorcycles are easier to maintain than cars and trucks. They are much lighter and do not require the use of heavy-duty lifts to access parts.  

There are fewer parts to maintain as well. The engine is smaller and simpler than a car engine.

You do not have to worry about an air conditioning system and many of the high-tech electronic components in today’s vehicles. There are fewer hoses, tires, brake pads, and other interconnecting parts.

This will help your bottom line as you spend less on maintenance during ownership. Inexpensive maintenance may help if you are wondering how to buy a motorcycle on a budget.

9. Avoid Traffic

We have all been stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic. You try to weave in and out of lanes, but make little progress.

A motorcycle is a total game-changer. You can more easily navigate the sea of cars and quickly get out of the traffic jam.

A Recap of 9 Reasons to Buy a Motorcycle

Buying a motorcycle sets you up for a thrill ride. There are few things more invigorating than riding a motorcycle on the open road.

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