Lets meet Stewart from J&P Cycles!

In this Facebook Live video from the 2018 Daytona Bike Week, we got to meet Stewart from J&P Cycles!  He’s a great guy and as you can see in the video, full of energy!  We look forward to seeing him again in the October for Biketoberfest!

Craig – “There!  Tell us! We’re ready!  So, we’re just starting this!  Get your finger out of the way!  So, we tried to do a video yesterday, but literally”

Stewart – “The place was JAMMin!”

Craig – “It got so busy that we couldn’t!  So this morning Stewart, hecomes by and you know, tells us howawesome we are.  Every morning!  Starts ourday off great!”

Stewart- “Fact!”

Craig – “So now, since we both have the perfectface for radio, we decided we’d do a Facebook live video because there’s noFCC rules so we can slip, goof, and scarepeople.”

Stewart – “That’s right!  And we do that all very well.”

Craig – “So, I’ve got to introduce you to Stuart from J&P Cycles.”

Stewart – “Nice to meet you all!”

Craig – “Yes!  Look at, they’re all saying hi and waving back!”

Stewart – “Hi there!”

Craig – “Having a good time!  The show runs until 6 o’clock.  You tell us when, I don’t know!  I’m just here! We don’t close on time or nothing!”

Stewart – “6:00 tonight!  If there is people here, and they want product and they’re going to spend money we’ll stay open!”

Craig – “We always stay open!”

Stewart – “We never run out!

Craig – “We’re kind of like women.  We will take your money!  So stop by the Wild Ass booth!  Say “Hi!”  Say that you saw this video!  We have a new sticker that we just came out with.  Nobody’s got, but I seem to have stuck them on your forklifts and your cash registers.”

Stewart – “No!  Good job! Hahahha”

Craig – So Stop by, mention this video, we’ll give them to you! Military guys, Fire, Police, First response people, stop by and we’re giving you a discount for buying here at the event. We’d love to see you, we support you, and I want to personally tell you “Thank you!” when you stop by to tell us.  Stuart I hope that’s okay because I just gave away your money.

Stewart – “That’s okay!  Peace out!”  You guys have a great time!  Enjoy yourself at the rally.  Be careful.  Be safe. Whether you’re coming on down, leaving going home or you’re out here on the streets.  Beautiful weather.  It’s promising to be nice all week.  Come on down and partake!”

Craig – “So, how do they get here?  This is something that I was Facebook messaging a friend of mine that I graduated with last night.  I was at the supercross track.”

Stewart – “You graduated?!”

Craig – “Shh!  And he’d asked how we got, or where we’re at?  Where we’re set up and Isaid, well we’re not actually in Daytona. So explain that! I don’t even know theexit number or the freeway number.

Stewart – “We’re in a town north.  It’s called Ormond Beach.  So we’re in a town North of Daytona, it’s South of Jacksonville north of Daytona by 15 miles.   South of Jacksonville by about 60, 65.  We’re right off the interstate.  Interstate 95 south.   And of course on Interstate 95 North.  Exit 273.”

Craig – “Two seven three.  Exit two seven three.”

Stewart – “273 and  US 1.”

Craig – “At Ormond Beach!”

Stewart – “In Ormond beach, Florida!”

Craig – “You can’t miss the store if you’re coming from the North. So, make a right, keep making rights, you’ll end up right here at J&P Cycles!  We look forward to seeing you!  Stop by we’re here until Sunday at…  Noon?”

Stewart – “Wait! Is it noon?  Or 2 o’clock?”

Craig – “NOON!!”

Stewart – “Yeah!  We’ll make it noon!”

Craig – “Sunday at noon!  Then we get to head north back on the Arctic tundra!”

Stewart – “Then you get to go home!”

Craig – “Thank you guys for watching!  Check in!  Hashtag us! Share this video!  Find us some friends!  We need help right?”

Stewart – “We’ll take all help we get right?!”

Craig – “Thank you guys!  Have a good day!”

Stewart – “Take Care!””